49+ Rare Photos Of Woodstock That Will Make You Want To Travel Back In Time


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Sure that it 5 was decades ago, but that 3-day Music Festival made history, -an unforgettable one! Relive everything at some of these festival’s most iconic moments.

The quality of the bands who played, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Jefferson Airplane, Santana, The Who, and so many more. These were major bands that influenced a lot of bands that came after. Woodstock 69′ has become a cultural touchstone, that’s why it is a very important event. Half a million young people were there they lived in peace for three days without any visible form of security, they cared for each other and shared everything. Food was free, women were respected, few displays of violence or anger, and most importantly Cannabis was shared everywhere. Something that will hardly ever be accomplished in today’s music festivals. Something that has ever happened, before or since.  Woodstock 69′ changed everything in the history of music. It came with the best music. Music legends were gifted (gifted like out of this world). They sold 5,000 tickets and half a million people showed.



Baron Wolman, Rolling Stone’s first staff photographer,

“No one could have predicted the enduring influence of the Woodstock experience, yes, the bands were first rate and there were many of them. And the setting … was picture perfect and tranquil, a bucolic setting for relaxing with friends and listening to music and getting high. But in unexpected ways, Woodstock became more than a concert for all of us.”

You would love to return to see Woodstock and show your family around of how epic the festival was.

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