David Gilmour Reveals His Jeff Beck Confession

via @davidgilmourisrael | Instagram

David Gilmour, the iconic guitarist of Pink Floyd, recently made a confession about his favorite guitarist of all time, and it’s none other than Jeff Beck. In an interview, Gilmour revealed how much he admires Beck’s talents and techniques, and named him as the person he has admired the longest and most consistently in the guitar playing stakes.

Interestingly, Beck’s early career was marked by a funny yet annoying occurrence. In the early 60s, the guitarist used to get confused with Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger. Beck’s striking resemblance to Jagger resulted in the Stones fans screaming whenever they saw him, calling out “Mick!” to get his attention. This caused great frustration for Beck, who had no idea who Mick was at the time and hated being mixed up with someone else.

However, Beck’s frustration with the mix-up was short-lived, as he soon went on to prove his musical genius to many fellow rockers in the scene. First, by joining the Yardbirds, and then forming his own band, Beck became a part-time solo act, earning his place as a guitar hero in the industry. He established his own style, showing that there were no limits when it came to playing the way he wanted, and easily impressing everyone in the room with his techniques.

Gilmour’s admiration for Beck’s talents and techniques is a testament to the lasting legacy that the guitarist left in the industry. Jeff Beck became ‘the’ Jeff Beck, leaving an impressive reputation that ensured he would never get mixed up with someone else again. Although Jeff might not have been aware of Gilmour’s compliments, the guitarist would be proud of the reputation he left behind, touching millions of lives, and influencing various acts along with aspiring young musicians.

“I have lots of favorite guitar players. Probably the person who I have admired the longest and the most consistent is Jeff Beck, in the guitar playing stakes. A lovely guy.”

Gilmour’s confession about his favorite guitarist of all time is a reminder of the immense talent of Jeff Beck and the lasting impact he has left on the music industry. Despite the early mix-up with Mick Jagger, Beck went on to establish himself as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, earning the respect and admiration of his peers and fans alike.