Greta Van Fleet Just Owned Rock Am Ring

Why Do They Sound Exactly Like Greta Van Fleet? — It Must Be Greta Van Fleet! 

We’ve been talking about this band for several months now, and we thought their music was some lost archival release of Led Zeppelin. We were all surprised and excited as well, we’ve searched for more music to find from them.

They have this mature sound (real music too), and they are also incredibly young as a band. Greta Van Fleet can showcase their talents without these things: AUTO-TUNE and FAKE DRUMS SYNTHESIZERS. These young-bloods from Frankenmuth, Michigan plays real music that is too good to be true, and they’ve just proved it that they can even do it better ‘LIVE.’

Listen to them owned the ROCK AM RING 2018 CONCERT — It’s so great, something new for ROCK AM RING. They are currently the only band that can give us the 60s-70s ROCK ARDOUR! THEY ARE PRETTY MUCH LEGIT, AND THIS IS NOT A TRICK (they are exactly the opposite of trick)! REAL MUSIC played on REAL INSTRUMENTS and SUNG by their REAL VOICES, and boy the drummer is pretty much legit, nailing every beat on a REAL DRUM KIT! And don’t get me started on the BASSLINES! SO F’ING SWEET! — THIS IS HOW ROCK N’ ROLL IS SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED! Don’t believe me? See it for yourselves in the video I provided below.

This is the beginning of a much-needed ROCK N’ ROLL REVIVAL! Led Zeppelin has now passed the torch to Greta Van Fleet to carry it into the FUTURE!