“Master Of Puppets” But It’s Jazz


via Robyn Adele Anderson / Youtube


Wait for the Violin Solo!

Master Of Puppets, Metallica’s legendary thrash hit, has been given a surprise jazz twist.

Metallica have had a new prominence when Stranger Things hero Eddie Munson performed “Master Of Puppets” during one critical episode from the season 4.


And now, other musicians have embraced the spotlight and their newfound connection to the song, elevating it to new heights with their own gimmicks and renditions.

Robyn Adele Anderson’s rendition substitutes the original’s fast thrashy guitar riffs with a jazzy, noodling violin, and the mid-section break is more tiki bar than metal club.

These kinds of covers demonstrate Metallica’s skill. Many songs are muffled out by their heavy structures, yet once uncovered, they constitute some of the greatest composed music ever produced.

Metallica would be pleased to hear this rendition of their hit, and they have most likely already seen this video. This rendition shows a lot of talent in converting a heavy metal song that’s legendary and turning it into vintage jazz type.

Keep going for the video below: