Surgeons Work Better While Listening To AC/DC According To A Study


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Hard rock bands such as AC/DC may make anyone’s heart race. Their music pierces the soul and elicits an emotional reaction from somewhere deep within each of us. Now, according to a study, it can even help us work more effectively. According to a study, surgeons who listen to AC/DC work quicker and more efficiently.

Researchers from Heidelberg University in Germany decided to conduct a detailed investigation on the use of music in operating rooms. They aimed to discover if there’s any indication that a specific genre and amplitudes could improve a surgeon’s laparoscopic surgical skills.


The study, “Effect of Genre and amplitude of music during laparoscopic surgery,” appears that playing AC/DC’s songs via speakers is the most effective method. It significantly increases surgeons’ speed in the surgery room while having no effect on their accuracy.

According to the Sun, surgeons who listened to AC/DC’s “T.N.T.” and “Highway To Hell” had a better outcome, ” “the time needed to make a precision cut [dropped] from 236 seconds to 139,” and the doctors performed “around five percent better on tests of accuracy.”

This effect, according to Cui Yang, the lead researcher, “was especially noticeable when [hard rock] music was played in high volume.”

So, how could listening to loud hard rock music make surgeons work faster and more accurately? It’s all because of guitarist Angus Young’s consistent rhythm.

Yang attributes the results of the study to the likelihood “that music with high rhythmicity could provide a tempo to keep up the speed of the performance and thus enhance task performance.”

“In other words, hearing loud AC/DC while working makes sure surgeons don’t accidentally touch too much with their instruments, inadvertently make patients shake all night long by nudging the wrong organ, or, worst of all, cause a flatline that causes the worst of them to race off down the highway to hell,” the A.V. Club wrote.

But it’s more than that. Take, for example, AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.”  Throughout the track, Young repeats his symphonic riff. He keeps that cold rhythm with a steel-like grasp on it the entire time. It gives its listeners a rush of adrenaline.

Instead of being perplexing and disturbing, it draws the listener in and forces them to concentrate on each note. Anybody may be better at their profession if they listened to that guitar riffs.


When the doctors were listening to The Beatles loudly, they can not do their work as well.

The Sun wrote, “doctors were almost 50 percent quicker stitching up wounds when The Beatles’ hits ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Let It Be‘ were played in the background.” However, this improvement “was lost if those tracks were played loud.”

So, if you’re working on a technical task that involves complete focus, listen to AC/DC or another hard rock band. It will assist you in doing a better job.