The Beatles Song About Paul McCartney Being Robbed By Fans

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In the early 1960s, The Beatles experienced a wave of wild devotion that came to be known as “Beatlemania,” which propelled the group to previously unheard-of heights of popularity and admiration. This devoted following propelled the Fab Four to the pinnacle of popular music, but it was also ultimately responsible for their demise seven years later.

The Beatles’ eleventh studio album Abbey Road, released in 1969, featured the McCartney-penned song “She Came In Through the Bathroom Window.” The song, which comes after “Polythene Pam” and is included in the album’s B-side medley, is not regarded as one of their greatest, although it does tell a genuinely horrific story. Oh, look out! John Lennon cries out at the song’s introduction.

Later, McCartney would claim that the tune was influenced by a bunch of fans who frequently gathered outside his St. John’s Wood house in an effort to catch a look. Even though the issue was always under control, things started to become worse. Diane Ashley, a fan, decided to take matters into her own hands by grabbing a ladder from McCartney’s lawn and climbing the structure.

Ashley later described her actions in further detail: “We were bored, he was out and so we decided to pay him a visit. We found a ladder in his garden and stuck it up at the bathroom window which he’d left slightly open. I was the one who climbed up and got in”.

Ashley entered the structure at this point and opened the entrance for others. The gang took some of McCartney’s clothes and pictures while he was dazed by frenzied adrenaline; as a result, the Beatle spent years frantically trying to recover precious pictures.