The Best Pink Floyd Songs By David Gilmour


via @HDPinkFloyd | Youtube


Gilmour’s Guitar Speaks For Itself, It’s So Lyrical!

What makes him so special compared to his contemporaries is that he can remove the pain of your soul in the most valiant way possible.

We look back at the “Best Pink Floyd Songs By David Gilmour.”


1. Wish You Were Here

We all need a song such like this one, and David Gilmour knew the pain of losing someone and written the one of the most greatest song ever to ease that pain.

2. Comfortably Numb

Gilmour guitar solo is so magical that he it makes you feel so Comfortably Numb.

3. Time

David Gilmour understands how the world works, and as you get older, the song becomes more relevant.

4. Dogs

Water has a sheep, Gilmour has dogs, but both works in a different manner.

5. Breathe

One of the most amazing masterpieces ever written and no form of drugs can be compared to it.


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