The Best Songs From Jimmy Page After Led Zeppelin


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Pagey: The Post-Led Zeppelin With His Magic Fingers

After struggling just a bit to find his way to the music world after Bonham’s tragic death, Jimmy Page found a way to continue and create music for his fans.

We look back at the “Best Songs From Jimmy Page After Led Zeppelin.”


1. Please Read the Letter

A Plant and Page collaboration, and they managed to bring the best out of each other.

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Yeah, it was indeed satisfactory with all that ax slinging that came from Page.

3. The Truth Explodes’ (a.k.a. ‘Yallah’)

Sometimes we think that Page and Plant are made by fate to be together and will always belong with each other forever.

4. Pride and Joy

Two legends played it till they were weary with Pride and Joy.

5. Midnight Moonlight

With Paul Rodger’s voice, and the brilliance of Jimmy Page on the guitar, then you’ll have this piece of art!

6. Blue Train

Another song why precisely God put these two beautiful souls together.

7. Someone to Love

Love me some Paul Rodgers, and play it all night long with Jimmy Page.

8. The Only One

Jimmy does what he does best – producing and writing songs.

9. Easy Does It

If you’re a musician, then you know how great this song is and the way it was produced.

10. Radioactive

You liked it then, you’ll still like it now, and God, how we wish to see Page and Rodgers do another project together. Wouldn’t that be a sight?


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