The Craziest Bandmate Fights Ever


Going From 0 To Violent Real Quick

Nowadays when we hear about celebrity feuds, we always end up snickering because it’s most likely nothing but Twitter spat where they trash talk each other. All things considered, that’s pretty tame because back in the day, rockstars didn’t grab their phones and angrily type out the worst insult they can come up with.

Especially with bandmates, you hit the road and record with the same people every single day and boy, they will eventually get on your nerves. There were those who “endured” each other but some already had too much so they settled the score the old fashioned way – by fistfights.


P.S. We have videos for some of these but for others, we just have secondhand information because you know, not everyone had cameras back then that they could just whip out to film these epic brawls.


Most drunken nights never go well because in 2007, drummer Andy Burrows and singer Johnny Borrell ended up bloody in a London pub. According to Burrows, it was all because “He [Borrell] never wanted people to know that we both wrote songs.” Okay.

The Everly Brothers

No one brawls like brothers and so one time, Don came to a show drunk and he messed up the lyrics during a performance. Phil wasn’t having any of it so he smashed a guitar over Don’s head. They did not work together again until over a decade later.


They’ve been fighting for decades but one of the worst ones happened in 2009 at a Paris festival. In the middle of a heated argument, Liam allegedly smashed Noel’s guitar and of course, fists started flying.

Marilyn Manson

To be fair to his guitarist John 5, Marilyn Manson doesn’t seem like the easiest person to get along with. And he did say when you’re on stage with Manson, you just have no idea what’s going to happen next.


Let’s leave it to frontman Geoff Tate to tell us what happened in Sao Paulo, Brazil during his interview with Rolling Stone: “We went to do the show. Scott [Rockenfield] looks at me and he smirks and says, ‘We just fired your whole family, and you’re next.’ I just lost it. I tried to punch him. I don’t think I landed a punch before somebody grabbed me and hauled me to the side.”

Lamb of God

The video of the actual fight between vocalist Randy Blythe and guitarist Mark Morton has been taken down but one thing we can tell you, it was seriously violent. It’s definitely not your average one-punch-then-walk-away thing.

The Rolling Stones

This happened way back in 1984. Mick Jagger woke up Charlie Watts at 5AM. That should’ve pissed anyone off but no, Jagger went ahead and called Watts “my drummer.” And the next thing he knew, Watts’ fist landed on his face.

The Who

One time when Pete Townshend was very drunk, he tried hitting Roger Daltrey’s head with a guitar. But Daltrey managed to duck and so it hit his shoulder instead. That wasn’t enough so he “started throwing punches.” Daltrey dodged them all, gave him an uppercut and knocked him out cold. According to Townshend, he lost 2 days worth of memory because of that.


While at the Archie Manning’s sports bar in New Orleans, Brett Michaels and CC DeVille had a few drinks. And from talking, it escalated to arguing, and suddenly, they were “beating the living crap out of each other.” Michaels broke DeVille’s nose and in turn, he had a chipped tooth. The next day, they were friends again like nothing happened.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

They fought with audience members and themselves. Watch it to believe it.


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