The Greatest Queen Songs By Brian May


via @David Fridman | Youtube


The Man Responsible For Penning Some Of The Greatest Hits Of Queen

Brian May is one of the Queen’s four members who contributed to the songwriting process and was responsible for writing more of Queen’s most popular songs besides  Freddie Mercury.

We look back at the “Greatest Queen Songs By Brian May.”


1. We Will Rock You

They said they will rock us, and so they did without hesitation.

2. Now I’m Here

He was in the hospital when he wrote this song in 1974.

3. Fat Bottomed Girls

Brian May wrote it to make fat bottomed girls feel comfortable about themselves. What a great gentleman.

4. Flash’s Theme

The soundtrack for the savior of the universe Flash Gordon!

5. Tie Your Mother Down

Thanks to Dr. Brian May, we get to enjoy one of the best riffs in the history of rock n’ roll, and yes, the song was written by him, and it proves of how genius he was not just a guitarist, but as a lyricist as well.


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