These Musicians Share Your Belief In Aliens


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A Harvard scientist just crapped himself by publishing a mind-boggling notion that the Planet, the Universe, and everything in it were created in a lab by Extraterrestrials. Why someone would want to descend that deep down the we’re-all-gerbils-in-a-great-big-experiment-so-life-has-no-meaning rat hole seems beyond us, but many people believe in aliens. & this is true especially in the realm of rock and roll.

Below are the musicians who share your beliefs in aliens:



David Bowie

According to the Denver Post, Bowie stated TV host Dick Cavett in 1974 that he would prefer ride in ufos than planes. He also claimed the next year that he was employed for a UFO publication in England and had six to seven encounters per night while in the observation facility.


Matt Bellamy

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy revealed Radio X in the United Kingdom that he was perhaps snatched while heading home from a rehearsal. “I saw this flashing light that was in the woodland, and it was really unusual at that time of night, ’cause it was like one in the morning,” the frontman recalled. “What it was though, I remember just waking up at home, and to this day I don’t quite remember the journey from there home!” The singer added, “(Also) I may have smoked something… so it was more likely that than being abducted by aliens.”


Sammy Hagar

Van Halen Part Deux singer Sammy Hagar insisted on Howard Stern that he had been kidnapped by aliens. He claimed that when he was 18, he was on a spacecraft with two beings and had something connected into him. He doesn’t know whether something was downloaded from his mind or something in his brain was sent to the alien beings. He recalls this in his dreams. This bizarre scenario is detailed in Hagar’s 2011 memoir.


John Lennon

In the mid-1970s, the legendary founder of the Fab Four believed to have seen a couple UFOs over Manhattan. He also made a song about it. From the book “Nobody Told Me”: “There’s UFOs over New York and I ain’t too surprised /
Nobody told me there’d be days like these / Strange days indeed.”


Jimi Hendrix

The Earth’s utmost guitarist, never hesitant to just let his imagination run wild, believed to have encountered creatures from another world. Jimi Hendrix claimed to have witnessed a UFO out his rear window alongside his brother Leon one evening. He was also a huge Flash Gordon admirer.


Elvis Presley

According to the King’s hairstylist (and spiritual counselor), Elvis “shared telepathic visions with aliens when he was eight years old, including one with a future Elvis in a white jumpsuit.” At the moment, Lil’ Elvis seemed to have no clue what that entailed. And the stylist claims that they both saw whirling lights in the sky while driving through the desert one evening, as well as Elvis’s father seeing an UFO the night Elvis was born. That covers everything, especially the hair.


Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy (who roadied for also UFO believer Jimi Hendrix) claims to have had an experience prior joining Motorhead in 1966. “This thing came over the horizon and stopped dead in the middle of the sky,” he revealed Inked, as reported by Rolling Stone. “Then it went from a standstill to top speed, immediately. We don’t even have aircraft that do that now, never mind then. So that was pretty eye-opening for me.”


Mick Jagger

The Denver Post publishes a piece from the director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research and author of “Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection,” Dr. David S. Wilcock. He claimed Mick Jagger informed him “that he saw a cigar-shaped ship during a camping trip in Glastonbury in 1968. The next year he saw the same shape at a Stones concert. It’s also been said Jagger put a UFO detector in his home that picks up high electromagnetic waves, which would regularly go off when he wasn’t at home.”


Keith Richards

Keith Richards, Mick’s pal, was supposedly persuaded that UFOs were descending near his home in the United Kingdom. in the year 1968 According to the BBC, Richards stated because he had it on good authority that his property was a UFO LZ. “I believe they exist – plenty of people have seen them. They are tied up with a lot of things, like the dawn of man, for example. It’s not just a matter of people spotting a flying saucer… I’m not an expert. I’m still trying to understand what’s going on.”