Top 10 Hidden Tracks Of Your Favorite Classic Rock Artist


Or As We Like To Call Them – Musical Gems

First off, these songs aren’t exactly “hidden” or “secret.” But the thing is, they weren’t listed. It’s more of a surprise actually. Some of them are tucked in between other tracks while others serve as bookends – they are often achieved by a few minutes of silence and when you keep the record playing, you will hear some sort of noise which makes you wonder if the album is really done or if there’s something else you need to listen to.


Then, voila. They may not exactly be the finest piece in the record but we’re always up for finding musical gems. Also, can we just say this is just one reason WHY we sorely miss vinyl records or cassette tapes? It can’t work with streaming, ya know.

10. Nirvana – “Endless, Nameless”

This starts after 10 minutes of silence following the last track in Nevermind, “Something in the Way.”

9. Nine Inch Nails – “Physical (You’re So)”

This, along with another “hidden” track “Suck” was initially released on a bonus mini CD for their album “Broken.” Some say it was because of budget issues or that there were allegations of stores selling the regular sized CD and mini CD separately but for the next release, “Physical” and “Suck” would play after 15 minutes of silence following “Gave Up.”

8. Oasis – “The Cage”

It begins 30 minutes after “Better Man.” Who waits that long to keep the CD running though?

7. The Ramones – “Spiderman”

For their final studio album, The Ramones included “Spiderman” as a hidden track. It’s what pop culture dreams are made of!

6. Jarvis Cocker – “Cunts Are Still Running The World”

Playing 30 minutes after the record “Further Complications,” this only proved how blunt this guy is – you can already tell by the title alone.

5. The Clash – “Train in Vain”

Before it was released as the final single for “London Calling,” it was a hidden track without lyrics or listing on the album insert. The reason isn’t because they wanted to surprise listeners but because they decided to include the track while the sleeve was already being made.

4. The Rolling Stones – “Cosmic Christmas”

Unlike the others which you will find at the end of the final song, this 35-second track follows the last song of Side A “Sing This All Together (See What Happens).”

3. Black Sabbath – “Blow on a Jug”

This plays at the end of “The Writ” in their “Sabotage” album and you may need to strain to hear it because it was recorded at a low volume. Also, this was inspired by Mungo Jerry’s performance of “In The Summertime” during a 1970 festival.

2. Pink Floyd – “Jugband Blues”

It’s Syd Barrett’s final contribution to Pink Floyd for “A Saucerful of Secrets.” They even made a promotional film for this.

1. The Beatles – “Her Majesty”

One of the shortest rock songs ever made, this 23-second classic starts 14 seconds after “The End,” the final track listed in “Abbey Road.” Since it wasn’t included in the first pressings, this was considered as among the first examples of “hidden track.”


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