Watch John 5 Play 7 Of The Most Iconic Guitars

via Hard Rock / Youtube

Hard Rock historian Jeff Nolan was joined by the incredible John 5 for a bit of digging into guitar nerdery.

John 5 was able to play Jimi Hendrix’s SG Custom, Paul Stanley’s Ibanez Iceman, and Brian Jones’ legendary Vox Mk thanks to Hard Rock historian Jeff Nolan. III “Teardrop,” Paul Kossoff’s 1957 Les Paul Jr., and the 1958 Les Paul featured on the Rolling Stones’ legendary live album Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! and the Telecaster guitars played by Duane Allman and Jason Becker, respectively.

John 5 plays seven renowned guitars from the annals of rock:

  1. Jimi Hendrix’s white SG
  2. Brian Jones’s Vox
  3. Paul Kossoff’s 57 LP Jr
  4. Paul Stanley’s Ibanez Iceman
  5. Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out 58 LP
  6. Jason Becker’s Peavey
  7. Duane Allman’s Tele

Fortunately for us, the Hard Rock team was present to capture the entire event. Below, you can witness John 5, who is undoubtedly in amazement, perform them all.

In addition, John 5 is shown in the footage utilizing an Analogman Beano Boost, an Origin Effects Cali76 compressor, a Valvetrain 416 head, and a 1×12 cabinet.

Keep going for the video below: