Wolfgang Van Halen Shares New Video “Like A Pastime”

via Mammoth WVH / Youtube

Wolfgang Van Halen, the son of legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, has released a new lyric video for “Like A Pastime”, the second track from his upcoming album “Mammoth II”. The album is set to be released on August 4th and is the follow-up to Wolfgang’s self-titled debut in 2021.

“Like A Pastime” has a unique sound and rhythm, according to Wolfgang. It features a polyrhythm on top of a 4/4 time signature, with the kick drums accentuating the beat. Wolfgang described the track as one of his favorites on the album and different from anything on his first album.

The upcoming album was produced by Michael Baskette and recorded with all instruments and vocals played by Wolfgang himself. The album also marks Mammoth WVH’s first release with their new label, BMG.

“Mammoth II” features ten tracks, including “Another Celebration At The End Of The World”, the lead single from the album. The band is currently on tour in Europe, mixing headline shows with select dates opening for Metallica.

Fans who pre-order “Mammoth II” can get an instant download of “Like A Pastime”. The album will be available in multiple formats, including CD, vinyl, and digital.

Wolfgang’s music career started as the bassist for his father’s band, Van Halen, and he has since branched out on his own with Mammoth WVH. His self-titled debut was met with critical acclaim and earned him a spot as one of the most promising young artists in rock music today.

“Like A Pastime” showcases Wolfgang’s creativity and unique sound, setting high expectations for his upcoming album “Mammoth II”. The combination of his impressive musical skills and the legacy of his father makes him a force to be reckoned with in the rock music scene.