10 Career-Defining Guitar Compositions Of Lindsey Buckingham

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Considered one among the top living guitarists, and he was the creative force behind the Fleetwood Mac masterpieces records like Rumours and Tusk

Lindsey Buckingham’s artistic intrepidity towards his solo work has been a significant quieter effort than his work with Fleetwood Mac.

10. Think About Me

Fleetwood Mac’s boundless catalog. It’s a love tune and a nearly pure one. Never an easy job for a guitarist that’s approached the subject like a contact sport.


9. Second Hand News

Lindsey Buckingham’s ‘Second Hand News’ is the classic introduction to the most famous breakup record ever produced. From right the first words — “I know there’s nothing to say; someone has taken my place” — implies the damage is done.


8. Big Love

The last record released by the perfect quintet before their 2003 reunion album ‘Say You Will’ is a diverse listen. At this moment, Nicks, McVie, and Buckingham were keeping their best tunes for their solo records.


7. Silver Springs

It is known that ‘Rumours’ was based on one dissolving particular relationships among the band members at the time (both Buckingham and Nicks and John and Christine McVie broke up as ‘Rumours’ was being recorded). This tune gave another wrinkle to the turmoil.


6. Landslide

Stevie Nicks’ loveliest song has had a great and winding path on its way to Lindsey Buckingham’s 10 Career-Defining Guitar Compositions. It was first released on 1975’s self-titled album, hidden on side two, where no one gave much recognition to it.


5. Tusk

The tune is a foundation to the consistently brilliant and occasionally baffling ‘Tusk,’ Lindsey Buckingham’s most excellent moment as studio guru.


4. Rhiannon

Stevie Nicks’ witchy persona starts here, and it continues her usual spiked song. But the way Buck wrote the riffs for this song really defines how genius he is. 



3. The Chain

“The Chain” is another internal emotional struggle among the band members, building from its slow intro into a full-on Buckingham guitar swag and massed arrangements via one of the most memorable bass lines in rock history. 


2. Dreams

Stevie Nicks’ biggest contribution to all of the he-said/she-said bickering that launched ‘Rumours’ was composed as her eight-year run with Lindsey Buckingham was slipping out.


1. Go Your Own Way

Go Your Own Way’ is the fiercest kiss-off — primarily, Lindsey Buckingham uttering out his collapsing relationship to Stevie Nicks for everyone to know.