Dolly Parton Shares Her Husband Reaction To Her New Album “Rockstar”

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Dolly Parton, the queen of country, recently took a bold step into the world of rock with the release of her first rock album, “Rockstar,” on Friday (November 17). The album, praised by many, received a special critique from Parton’s biggest fan – her husband, Carl Dean.

Parton’s decision to venture into rock had a dual purpose.

Firstly, she aimed to solidify her place in the prestigious Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Secondly, she wanted to create an album that her husband, a lifelong rock music enthusiast, would truly enjoy.

In a candid interview on Audacy Check In with Katie Neal, Parton opened up about her husband’s reaction to “Rockstar” and the motivation behind the project.

Neal, curious if Parton was nervous for her husband, a devoted rock fan, to hear the album, asked. Parton responded, expressing that her focus was on creating something truly great for him rather than feeling nervous. She shared,

“I wanted it to be something he would think is good. When I played it for him, he said, ‘That was pretty good.’ So, for him to say that would be like somebody else jumping up and down and saying, ‘That’s great!’”


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As the conversation unfolded, the topic shifted to Parton and Dean’s enduring marriage, set to celebrate its 58th anniversary next May.

When asked for advice on a long and happy marriage, Parton emphasized the importance of respect and genuine liking for each other.

“You’ve got to have respect for each other,” Parton began. “And liking one another is a really good thing. I really like Carl Dean and I love him, too. He’s just a really good guy. He’s as funny as he can be.”

Parton highlighted the role of humor in their relationship, helping them navigate through challenges with laughter. “I think just trust and love and respect,” she added, are crucial elements in making a marriage last.

Reflecting on their journey, Parton shared,

“We’ve always got along great. We don’t have a bunch of stuff we’ve built up between us—hateful words and things like that. Now that we’re older, we’re both glad that we never allowed that to happen.”

She advised against starting unnecessary arguments, recognizing that once they begin, they can become a habit.

Dolly Parton’s “Rockstar” not only marks a significant chapter in her musical evolution but also stands as a testament to the enduring love and mutual admiration between her and Carl Dean. As fans revel in the rock-infused melodies, they can also appreciate the wisdom shared by the musical icon on sustaining a joyful and lasting marriage.