The Reason John Lennon Didn’t Care About Making Hits

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John Lennon, a musical legend and one-fourth of the iconic Beatles, was no stranger to topping charts with hits. However, what set him apart was his unique perspective on success and the music industry. Lennon, despite his consistent presence in the top 10, didn’t see it as the ultimate measure of his worth. In a 1975 interview with Rolling Stone, he candidly shared his thoughts on why making hits wasn’t his primary goal.

A Personal Revelation

Lennon, known for his diverse musical range from commercial success to avant-garde experimentation, expressed a pivotal realization in 1975.

“I’ve come to learn something big this past year,” he said. “I cannot let the top 10 dominate my art. If my worth is only to be judged by whether I’m in the top 10 or not, then I’d better give up.”

Lennon recognized the danger of letting commercial success dictate his artistic expression and believed that such dominance would ultimately lead to the demise of true artistry.

Long-Term Perspective

With a mature outlook on his career, Lennon highlighted the importance of thinking long term.

“The art is more important than the thing and sometimes I have to remind meself of it,” he shared.

At the age of 34, Lennon felt a need to prioritize his identity as an artist over the pursuit of chart-topping hits. His focus on self-expression and artistic integrity took precedence over the transient nature of pop charts.


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Balancing Love and Art

Reflecting on the inherent need for validation, Lennon acknowledged the danger of craving love and success to the extent that it compromised artistic authenticity.

“Because there’s a danger there, for all of us, for everyone who’s involved in whatever art they’re in, of needing that love so badly that … In my business, that’s manifested in the top 10.”

Lennon’s concern was that an overwhelming desire for chart success could dilute the genuine essence of his art.

Chart Success Despite Philosophy

Despite Lennon’s reservations about the top 10’s influence on his art, his chart success was undeniable. Seven of his albums reached the top 10 of the Billboard 200, with three hitting No. 1. He also secured two Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 singles. In the UK, Lennon enjoyed similar success with multiple chart-topping singles and albums. These achievements showcase his ability to create pop music gold while remaining true to his artistic convictions.

John Lennon’s perspective on hits and chart success was a testament to his commitment to artistic authenticity. He recognized the allure of commercial success but steadfastly held onto the belief that true artistry should not be overshadowed by chart rankings. In a career filled with hits, Lennon’s legacy goes beyond numbers, emphasizing the enduring importance of self-expression and long-term artistic impact.