Dave Grohl Joins Daughter To Cover Nirvana

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Aheartwarming father-daughter moment, Dave Grohl, best known as the frontman of Foo Fighters and formerly of Nirvana, recently shared the stage with his daughter, Violet. The duo delivered a memorable performance, captivating the audience with their rendition of Nirvana’s classic, ‘Heart Shaped Box.’

The event took place at LA’s Sun Rose club, where Violet had been showcasing her drumming talents alongside David Bowie’s former pianist, Mike Garson.

Prior to Dave Grohl’s surprise appearance, Violet had been treating the crowd to iconic Bowie hits, including ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ – a song that holds special significance as it was part of Nirvana’s repertoire during their MTV Unplugged episode.

After Violet’s solo performance, Dave Grohl joined her behind the drum kit for an impromptu performance of ‘Heart Shaped Box,’ a nostalgic nod to the iconic grunge band that skyrocketed Grohl to fame.

Violet’s musical journey doesn’t stop there; she has been an integral part of Foo Fighters’ recent tour, frequently joining her father for a duet on the song ‘Show Me How’ from the band’s latest album, “But Here We Are.”


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This album holds particular importance for Foo Fighters, being their first release since the untimely passing of drummer Taylor Hawkins.

In tribute to Hawkins, Violet showcased her vocal talents at various tribute shows, delivering poignant performances of songs like The Zutons’ ‘Valerie’ and Jeff Buckley’s ‘Last Goodbye.’

Describing Violet’s prowess, event compere DJ Matt Pinfield exclaimed, “[Violet] was the featured vocalist all night with David Bowie keyboard legend Mike Garson and his band. She did stellar versions of all the Bowie songs. Her range is incredible.”

Reflecting on Foo Fighters’ latest album, a review from Far Out noted, “While it’s hard to call ‘But Here We Are’ a classic Foo Fighters record, it’s definitely a record that should garner respect later as the band comb through their back pages to celebrate their own story of survival.”

The touching father-daughter performance is a testament to the enduring legacy of Nirvana and the unbreakable bond between Dave Grohl and his talented daughter, Violet. Watch the heartwarming moment as Dave and Violet Grohl share the stage, creating a musical memory that will surely be cherished by fans around the world.