10 Concert Venues That Are ‘Haunted’

via Royal Albert Hall / Youtube

Do you have faith in ghosts? Employees from these 10 concert venues do. The terrible occurrences linked to these sites have gained them a notoriety for ghostly presence, whether precisely recorded or entrenched in urban mythology.


Royal Albert Hall – London, UK

The Royal Albert Hall in London, one of the world’s most iconic theaters, is said to be haunted. In 1930, the Spiritualist Association met there in an effort to summon the ghost of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 10,000 people went to the event, notably Doyle’s wife, who witnessed clairvoyant Estelle Roberts announce onstage that five ghosts were actually pressing her. Reports of two ghostly Victorian women laughing along the Royal Albert Hall halls circulated across London in the following decades.


Masquerade – Atlanta, GA

There have been several ghostly legends recounted about the Masquerade, the most prominent of which involves a tall black guy wandering around the club and flipping on the amps. Formless footsteps and chilly patches have also been observed, as well as a young woman’s guttural scream cries. Staff at Masquerade think the cries are coming from a lady who perished in a car crash at the club.


Bobby Mackey’s – Wilder, KY

Bobby Mackey’s is one of the most outlandish extraterrestrial tales in recent history. Some think the basement of the structure is a doorway to Hell, and one previous custodian had an exorcism conducted on him within the club. Bobby Mackey does not believe in the paranormal, but his wife does, alleging she was forced down the basement steps by an invisible entity as a voice cried, “Get out!”


First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN

Do not utilize the First Avenue women’s restroom. According to local story, a young woman hung herself in the restroom when the location was a Greyhound Bus station. According to the account, she committed herself after learning that her sweetheart would not be coming home from war. Persons have alleged to have seen the woman dancing (without legs) in the lavatory cubicle, dancing with other homeless people who perished at the bus stop.


The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

The Rave is allegedly inhabited by a little girl who died in a now-locked-away swimming pool. Others claim the facility is haunted by a previous employer named Jack. He apparently told a group of ghost seekers to “get out” on video.


Avalon – Hollywood, CA

This nearly-100-year-old structure, a legacy of Hollywood’s Golden Age, is said to be haunted. A man spirit clad in a tuxedo, female beings in high heels, a piano player whose music can still be heard, and plenty more ghosts are said to haunt the Avalon Hollywood Theater. Legend has it one of the male ghosts that haunts the Avalon was abandoned one evening by his dancer girlfriend, prompting the guy to leap from the runway next to his former lover, landing square in front of her.


Roseland Theatre – Portland, OR

PortlandGhosts.com ranks the Roseland Theater as the city’s most ghostly location. The former Starry Nights nightclub was a sanctuary for illegal activities. Larry Hurwitz, the proprietor of Starry Nights, was found guilty of murdering one of his staff, Tim Moreau, and the vengeful spirit of Moreau is said to haunt Roseland to this day.


House of Blues – Chicago, IL

A small girl is supposed to wander this location, with one account suggesting she was sighted messing with his toys by a little boy. She even went to the kid and offered if he wanted to play with her, but he yelled and she vanished.


The Chapel – San Francisco, CA

Because the Chapel in San Francisco was formerly a mortuary, it must be haunted, right? Whether or not the Chapel’s many hauntings are accurate, its creepiness stays unchanged. A winch used to lift corpses is still visible on one of the venue’s walls, and the basement, where the deceased were stored, is said to be a hotbed for ghosts. An purported ghost, a small girl in a white dress and no shoes, was even seen on tape by one of the venue’s surveillance cameras.


The Orpheum Theatre – Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, once a Mecca for Vaudeville, allegedly witnessed one artist die in the early 1900s. His ghost is reported to roam the stage even now. Others believe that a former employee haunts the downstairs men’s room, so if you really can, wait until you get home.