10 Deep Purple Songs When You Want To Rock Alone

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Alan Messer/REX/Shutterstock (133333jj) DON McLEAN VARIOUS

One Of The Best Rock Bands Next To Led Zeppelin

Deep Purple played a major part in the history of rock music, top 10 based on the standard metrics-album sales, top 10 hits and top 10 concert attendance and of course, earnings.

The only trouble they had was the amount of line up changes and musical inconsistency. But Deep Purple did release timeless music that rules the world of rock n’ roll.

Below are the 10 Deep Purple Songs to rock it out in your bedroom:

10. Knockin’ At Your Back Door

Everything is EPIC; the intro, solo and the vocals.


9. Hush

I don’t know if the best, but top 9 for sure!


8. Lazy

LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY! isn’t actually a lazy song! Hear it out!


7. Black Night

Deep Purple’s unique song in every way possible!


6. Perfect Strangers

Probably the most underrated song of all time!


5. Soldier of Fortune

Purple’s iconic song!


4. Burn

She said burn, but I say ROCK!


3. Highway Star

Simply the epitome of rock music!


2. Smoke on the Water


I know you know it! A legendary song for legendary people!


1. Child in Time

One of the best song out there if not the best!