10 Greatest Steven Tyler Collaborations

via Farm Aid / Youtube

Steven Tyler, the flamboyant frontman of Aerosmith, is renowned for his remarkable vocal abilities, bluesy harmonica skills, and his status as one half of the iconic “Toxic Twins” alongside Joe Perry. While Aerosmith remains his primary musical venture, Tyler has also ventured into collaborations with various artists over the years. We explore the ten notable collaborations that showcase Tyler’s versatility and his ability to transcend musical boundaries.

Keith Anderson feat. Steven Tyler – “Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll”

Tyler’s love for country music is evident in this collaboration with Keith Anderson. Although the remix version of the song was never officially released as a single, Tyler’s spirited vocals and harmonica skills add a touch of country flair to the track.


Sam Kinison feat. Steven Tyler – “Wild Thing”

In 1988, Tyler joined comedian Sam Kinison and an ensemble of guest performers to create a raucous rendition of the classic hit “Wild Thing.” The energetic video and Tyler’s dynamic presence reaffirmed his relevance in the music industry during Aerosmith’s successful career resurgence.


Alice Cooper feat. Steven Tyler – “Only My Heart Talkin'”

Teaming up with Alice Cooper for his 1989 album “Trash,” Tyler lent his backing vocals to the power ballad “Only My Heart Talkin’.” The collaboration showcased their long-standing friendship and Tyler’s ability to seamlessly blend with Cooper’s theatrical style.


Steven Tyler and Joe Perry – “Roots, Rock, Reggae”

On the Bob Marley remix album “Chant Down Babylon” (1999), Tyler and Perry delivered a rock-infused rendition of Marley’s iconic reggae song. This cover demonstrated their respect for Marley’s legacy and their ability to infuse rock elements while paying tribute to one of music’s greatest pioneers.


Steven Tyler & Willie Nelson – “Once is Enough”:

Originally intended for Aerosmith’s album “Permanent Vacation,” the song “Once is Enough” found new life in a collaboration with country legend Willie Nelson. The fusion of Tyler’s rock roots and Nelson’s country twang created a memorable cross-genre recording.


Julian Lennon feat. Steven Tyler – “Someday”

Collaborating with Julian Lennon, the son of Beatles legend John Lennon, Tyler co-wrote the song “Someday.” This hidden gem incorporates Eastern melodic sounds and promotes themes of world peace and unity, reminiscent of the Beatles’ influential message.


Carole King feat. Steven Tyler – “Monday Without You”

Tyler’s backing vocals added a lively touch to Carole King’s 2001 track “Monday Without You.” The collaboration between the legendary singer-songwriter and Tyler highlighted their enduring musical prowess and appealed to a wide range of audiences.


P!nk feat. Steven Tyler and Richie Sambora – “Misery”

In 2001, Tyler joined forces with P!nk and Richie Sambora for the bluesy duet “Misery.” Tyler’s distinct voice complemented P!nk’s soulful vocals, resulting in a powerful and captivating performance.


Santana feat. Steven Tyler – “Just Feel Better”

Carlos Santana’s collaboration with Tyler on the track “Just Feel Better” showcased their combined star power. The song’s success on a global scale highlighted Tyler’s enduring presence in the music industry.


Run-DMC feat. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry – “Walk This Way”

Arguably the most iconic collaboration on this list, Tyler and Perry’s involvement in Run-DMC’s remake of “Walk This Way” revitalized Aerosmith’s career in the mid-1980s. The groundbreaking rock/rap collaboration became a landmark moment.