10 Incredible Jimmy Page Projects After Led Zeppelin

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At first glance, his glory lies mainly in being the founder of Led Zeppelin, one of the most powerful forces in rock; But the truth is that throughout his career (which has spanned six decades), Jimmy Page has taken the art of playing the guitar to a whole new level, not only as an instrument, but as an emotional translator who doesn’t necessarily it has to be perfect. Below are the 10 Incredible Jimmy Page Projects After Led Zeppelin:

# 10 – Death Wish II Soundtrack

Page composed the album in 1981 on behalf of Michael Winner, although he asked him for songs of a few seconds. It was the guitarist who decided to record full versions of the songs and thus release his first soundtrack.

# 9 – Coverdale/Page

The original idea of the Coverdale/Page project came from a person with proven experience in rock business, John Kalodner, executive of the legendary North American label Geffen Records, in which he had worked and helped to grow names like Asia, Aerosmith, XTC, White Zombie, Sammy Hagar and – no coincidence – Whitesnake.

# 8 –  Whatever Happened to Jugula?

Throughout 1984 Harper held a series of UK concerts with Jimmy Page, performing with acoustic instrumentation at various folk festivals. Together they released Whatever Happened to Jugula? In 1985. Harper’s bassist Tony Franklin later joined Page in The Firm.

# 7 – Jimmy Page Autobiography

Bound in leather, its 500 pages contain 650 images. Each of the 2,500 copies was signed by the guitarist himself. “Jimmy Page” sells for the “modest” price. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has prepared a book of photographs in which he documents his entire life. The book, briefly titled “Jimmy Page”, it was published in September 27, 2010.

# 6 – Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes

The Black Crowes, left Atlanta for us to discover them in 1990, but the project was born under the name of Mr. Crowe’s Garden, the first group of the Robinson brothers. Featuring eight studio albums, live albums, compilations and an album with Jimmy Page revisiting the legacy of Led Zeppelin and other classics, with Chris’ voice at the highest level.


# 5 – It Might Get Loud

This documentary, directed by David Guggenheim, tells the personal stories of three generations of electric guitar virtuosos: Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Jack White of The White Stripers, and The Edge of U2. Each of them tells about their own musical rebellion on a personal level and how they came to create their style. All three were chosen for their great impact on the world of music.

# 4 – Outrider

It was in 1988 when Jimmy Page decided to release his first true solo work. His already extensive career in that year having paraded through key rock groups (two years with The Yardbirds, twelve years with Led Zeppelin and two years with The Firm, in addition to multiple collaborations) supported the release of this solo work.

# 3 – The Firm

A better idea on paper, perhaps, than it eventually turned out to be musically, Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers’ 1984 team as The Firm was unequivocally successful in at least one respect: it took Page out of the personal and professional grind. It had molded from Led Zeppelin’s demise four years earlier (triggered by the drinking-related death of drummer John Bonham). Or, as Jimmy told shortly after the band disbanded in 1986, The Firm was what “saved” him.


# 2 – Plant/Page

When Jimmy Page and Robert Plant decided to create new musical pieces together, the whole world thought it was the return of the legendary Led Zeppelin. From the mysterious cover, we are invited to be part of an ethereal journey perfect for concentrating on the structure and texture of each song. There is no room for meditation, but for the enjoyment of a journey that requires attention. Which good old Plant has had the pleasure of recovering recently.

# 1 – Led Zeppelin Remastered Deluxe Edition Issues

A lot of their reissues with unreleased materials have seen the light in the past years with the help of Jimmy Page. Led Zeppelin surprised the rock world with the release of all the deluxe reissues and the most notable one was ‘Physical Graffiti.’ Most of the materials were remastered by guitarist Jimmy Page.