10 Of The Most Unforgettable 38 Special Songs Ever Made

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38 Special Songs list delves into the whole discography of a group that many people are unaware has been active since the mid-1970s. 38 Special’s beginnings, like those of other famous southern rock acts, can be traced back to Jacksonville, Florida in the southern United States. Don Barnes, guitarist, and Donnie Van Zant, the vocalist, founded the band.


10 – Wild-Eyed Southern Boys

One of the group’s hallmark tunes kicks off our top 10 38 Special Songs list. The excellent song “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” debuted in 1981 on their eponymous album. Jim Peteriki of the group Survivor wrote the song.


9 – Fantasy Girl

“Fantasy Girl” was also included in the band’s debut album, Wide-Eyed Southern Boys. Guitarist Jeff Carlisi and singer Donnie Van Zant co-wrote “Fantasy Girl.” The track was released as one of the album’s three singles. This is just a wonderful rocking tune with a memorable rhythm.


8 – Back Where You Belong

Back Where You Belong was issued in 1984 on the record Tour de Force. In 1984, the track “Back Where You Belong” peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was penned by Gary O’Connor, a Canadian solo musician with limited success. Gary O’Connor was also a songwriter for Molly Hatchet and Eddie Money.



7 – Teacher Teacher

The 38 Special song “Teacher Teacher” was included in the soundtrack of the movie Teachers, starring Nick Nolte. Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams wrote the tune. Both the album and the movie were launched in 1984.


6 – Like No Other Night

38 Special issued their sixth studio album in 1986. Don Barnes’ final tracks with the group before returning a few years later in 1992. Strength in Numbers was the name of their sixth studio album. The track “Like No Other Night” proved to be another hit in the group’s streak of hit pop tunes that straddled the line across rock and pop music.


5 – Second Chance

If you listened to the song “Second Chance” on the radio in 1988, you wouldn’t ever guess it was by 38 Special. 2 years after releasing the song “Like No Other Night,” which seemed extremely far distant from the group’s southern rock style, the group produced a track that reinforced that they had rounded the corner and were no more the very same act who began in 1976 from Jacksonville, Florida.


4 – Deja Vudoo

It’s difficult to imagine that this is the same group, or nearly so, who recorded Second Chance. “Deja Vudoo” is a deep dark slice of southern blues. The track was included on the band’s ninth studio album, Resolution. The name of the record essentially says it all.


3 – Hold On Loosely

Although “Second Chance” was the group’s biggest hit song of their discography, the next three tracks were clearly the group’s fans’ favorite 38 Special tunes. They weren’t just well-loved 38 Special Tracks, but they also marked a crucial distinction in 1980s mainstream culture dubbed as the Big ’80s. These tracks, on the other hand, appeared to achieve just the perfect mix of arrangement and roughness to elevate them to iconic status.


2 – Rockin’ Into The Night

“Rockin’ Into The Night,” a legendary fire, began the group’s 1980 record of the same moniker. While the single only hit No.43 on the Billboard Hot 100, it quickly became a favorite on FM rock radio. Billy Powell, the iconic keyboardist for Lynyrd Skynyrd, also appeared on the record.


1 – Caught Up In You

It’s difficult to argue against “Caught Up In You” as a top 1 on this list, which was published on the group’s Special Forces record in 1982. Don Barnes, Jeff Carlisi, and Jim Peterik penned the song.