10+ Problems Only Guitarists Understand- The Struggle Is Real

When People Use Your Amp as a Damn Coaster


The Unexpected Yet Expected Prick

“Dude…please wash your hands…”

There’s nothing more disgusting when you get your axe back, and then you get that smell of Cheetos, grease, and guitar string.

There’s something about strings. They just KNOW exactly when to snap. Usually during a performance or important gig. That’s when it seems they get in the mood to just break.

Look dude. I know you’re looking for the commish. But please, let me test this thing out in peace. I’ll grab you if I need you.

They’re out there. Somewhere. You just gotta keep looking.

One of the most unexplainable mysteries is where the guitar pick vanishes once it hits the ground. It’s as if the floor soaks it up, never to be seen again.

How You Feel When You Finally Find It

You literally feel more satisfied than Gollum himself when you find the pick which was situated perfectly under the couch peg somehow and will never know how.


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