10 Rock N’ Roll Insane Conspiracy Theories


The insane stories about rock legends have been lurking around for ages, they may be true or not, but they totally sound crazy conspiracy theories. Most of these have been taken seriously on the internet.

These crazy theories may all be untrue, but let’s not forget some crazy stuff – the time when Keith Richards snorted his dad’s ashes — TRUE STORY!

Let’s do some speculation with this list, — whether if these stories are true or not. Read the 10 Rock N’ Roll Insane Conspiracy Theories.


10. Prince’s Death Predicted By A 2008 Episode Of The Simpsons

Conspiracy theorists were clearly out of there heads when a celebrity was killed off in this show, and eventually, the celebrity died in real life.


9. Courtney Love Caused Kurt Cobain’s Death

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Photo Source: TV Guide

We all know Kurt was somehow a mess, so bottom line here, what if Courtney caused his death? Man, if this true, countless people would love for her to be arrested. But luckily for her, Kurt really did took his life if not, she’d be in jail already.


8. Bob Dylan Hit Song Stolen From A Student

Since then people say that Bob Dylan deserve to be awarded the Nobel Prize; but here’s the thing — does the Nobel Prize deserve to be awarded to Bob Dylan? Think about it …


7. Jim Morrison Never Really Died In That Bathtub

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Photo Source: Before It's News

Some speculations say that he never really died of an overdose in the bathroom stall of a famous Parisian nightclub, but rather inside his house 17 Rue Beautreillis Paris, France.


6. John Lennon Killed By Stephen King

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Photo Source: LitReactor

Stephen King wore the same glasses has the same hairstyle in 1980 that were similar to Mark David Chapman, the infamous killer of John Lennon — so it’s a conspiracy.


5. Back In Black Written By Bon Scott Posthumously

It’s hard to believe that Brian Johnson could just step in and replace Bon Scott and knock off Back in Black, right?


4. Hotel California – A Devil Worship Song

This rumor has been circulating around for ages now, that the basic premise is that the song is about Devil worship and even the Church of Satan.


3. Remember The Band Klaatu? They Were Actually The Beatles

Who were these mysterious group? In 1976, a rumor started to circulate around the US that the Beatles recorded and released a new album under the name “Klaatu,” but are they really them? — Here’s the truth about the band, Klaatu was a Canadian psychedelic pop group formed in 1973 by the duo of John Woloschuk and Dee Long.


2. Paul McCartney Really Is Dead

Paul McCartney really looks different after 1966, so there goes the conspiracy — The PAUL IS DEAD Myth.


1. Elvis Presley Is Alive


Maybe the King of Rock N’ Roll must be chilling somewhere with the King of Pop Michael Jackson underground.