10 Times Robert Plant Proved He’s The Only Frontman For Led Zeppelin

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Legendary Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant was responsible for many incredible songs by the band. He revealed his favorite songs of the group over the years. Below are the 10 Times Robert Plant Proved He’s The Only Frontman For Led Zeppelin.

Immigrant Song Live 1972

“Immigrant Song”, intense hard rock piece co-written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant that is inspired by a Viking attack – the way Plant perform this live, damn, it feels like you’re in a Viking raid.


Kashmir Live From Celebration Day

Without a doubt, this event was one of the most spectacular in recent years. This gave them different nominations for the Grammy Awards in 2014: for best performance with “Kashmir” and best Rock album. Which won.


In My Time Of Dying – One of Plant’s Favorite Led Zeppelin songs

In the 1980s, in an interview with Tony Bacon in 1980, Plant revealed that “In My Time Of Dying” was also one of his favorite songs. “The slide works on” In My Time of Dying, “which goes on and on [laughs], but it’s a great ramshackle blues slide. Directly from the top. I remember the shock I had with one of my favorite bands, Let’s Active, with Mitch Easter. There’s a track on Big Plans For Everybody [1986] with slide guitar (Jimmy Page’s), and it’s exactly the same as “In My Time of Dying” [laughs]. I could not believe it! I was what! No other. I thought it was just that Rick Rubin who did these things. “


The Ocean Live at Madison Square Garden 1973

It’s crazed how Robert would wear a woman’s clothes after spending the evening with them and give it a cool look while performing on stage. And this performance of The Ocean at Madison Square Garden in 1973 was the proof!


He Loves His Flat Iron As Much As His Singing

He likes ironing so much that in his dressing room he always has a board to do it before going on stage. He says it helps him get “in the right frame of mind.”


He dedicated “All My Love” to his son Karac

In 1979, Led Zeppelin released In Through the Out Door, their last studio album. In it comes the song “All My Love”, which he dedicated to his son Karac, who died of a stomach infection in 1977 at the age of five.

Musical Legacy

The Golden God is considered one of the most influential musicians in all of history. He created one of the most iconic images in rock history thanks to his clothing and stage presence.



Robert Plant has been a Commander of the Order of the British Empire since 2008.

Robert Plant, the legendary singer of Led Zeppelin, was decorated as Commander of the British Empire by Prince Charles, in a ceremony that took place last Friday at Buckingham Palace.


Robert Plant’s Led Zeppelin Album Is His Valid Identification

One day Plant wanted to buy some beach shoes and paid with a check. The seller needed an ID from Plant and Plant, not having one, went to his car for a copy of his first album to prove his identity.


Robert Plant Really Cares

The painting of the man with firewood on the cover of Led Zeppelin IV (1971) belonged to Robert Plant. He bought this one from an antique store in Reading. On the meaning, Page said that: “It was a way of saying that you have to take care of the Earth, not rape it, or plunder it.”