10 Wealthiest Rock Legends In The World And Their Net Worth

via Bon Jovi / Youtube

Rock ‘n’ roll used to be synonymous with sex and drugs, but these days it’s all about money. 21st-century rockers are now among the richest in the world, and while some musicians still live the tradition’s hedonistic lifestyle, many more are investing their money in sensible (and lucrative) side ventures; see Jimmy Buffett’s successful restaurant chain as a case in point. Others are using their wealth to demonstrate their philanthropic spirit (see everything Bono has done since the mid-1980s for an example). With the net worth of rock’s biggest earner (spoiler: he’s a Beatle) amounting to a whopping $1.2 billion, there’s clearly money to be made from music.


Ringo Starr – $350 million

The first of the Fab Four to make our list is the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine himself, Ringo Starr. Born Richard Starkey in 1940, Starr co-founded his first band, the Eddie Clayton Skiffle Band, in 1957, but it was his work with another Liverpool quartet that allowed him to achieve his dream of global stardom. Starr joined the Beatles in 1962 and, within a few years, was one of the most famous names in the world. His subsequent solo career was moderately successful, while his voice-over work on children’s shows like Thomas & Friends has not only won him a new generation of fans, but has also helped land him the title of richest drummer in the world.


Gene Simmons – $350 million

In recent years, Israeli-American musician Gene Simmons has become as well known for his off-stage antics as he is for his music production. In 2017, the Kiss frontman received a lifetime ban from Fox News after crashing a staff meeting, while his comments on Islam, women and mental health have drawn more than the occasional frown. Despite his notoriety, Simmons’ has amassed a huge fortune during his 40-year career. As of 2019, his estimated net worth is believed to be in the region of $350 million.


Mick Jagger – $360 million

Singer-songwriter Mick can attribute most of his fortune to his day job as the lead singer and songwriter for the legendary British rock group the Rolling Stones. In the late 1960s, Jagger branched out into acting, but his film roles failed to set the screen on fire. Likewise, his solo career never achieved even a modicum of the band’s success. He’s done a little better as a filmmaker and producer, but still, it’s his charismatic stage presence and slurred voice that we’ll remember him for. That and his $360 million bank balance, of course.


Sting – $400 million

In 1977, Sting formed the new wave rock band The Police; the following years would see him become one of the world’s best-selling artists, an Ivor Novella winner, and an inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Sting’s new age comments and alleged yoga-fueled 8-hour sex sessions with wife Trudie Styler have raised eyebrows over the years, but with album sales of 350 million and a net worth of 400 million of dollars, few can dispute the drawing power of its musical output.


Jon Bon Jovi – $410 million

Jon Bon Jovi has more than great hair and a girlish pout to his name. As of 2019, he can also claim the title of sixth richest rocker in the world. The singer-songwriter can thank his 35 years as the frontman for the rock band, Bon Jovi, for his fame and riches…though perhaps he should thank his genes, rather than his singing, for the title of sexiest rock star in the world. 2000. and VH1’s 13th Sexiest Artist of 2002. While his side career as a professional “beautiful person” may not be enough to pay the bills, his day job most certainly is: Since their inception in 1983, Bon Jovi has sold more than 350 million. albums worldwide, the proceeds of which have given Jon Bon Jovi a very attractive net worth of $410 million.


Elton John – $500 million

Elton John may be one of the world’s biggest spenders (see his court admission to spending over £40m in just under two years as evidence), but as of 2019, he can also claim to be one of its biggest earners. With three hundred million record sales, fifty Top 40 hits, seven consecutive No. 1 albums in the US, 27 top 10 singles, the biggest-selling single of all time (1997 Princess Diana tribute, Candle in the Wind 1997) and ( deep), a net worth of $500 million, it’s fair to say that John has earned his right to the occasional purchase.


Bruce Springsteen – $500 million

Bruce Springsteen isn’t called the Boss for nothing. Since beginning his career in 1964, the singer-songwriter has sold more than 140 million records worldwide, had 11 chart-topping albums, won 20 Grammys, received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and was named one of the world’s best-selling artists. Springsteen’s contribution to music ranges from the commercial rock of 1975’s Born to Run and 1984’s Born in the USA, to the somber folk of his later albums. In addition to his successful collaborations with longtime backing group the E-Street Band, Springsteen has earned critical acclaim for his solo acoustic performances (2005’s Devil’s and Dust is a prime example). Six decades after he started rocking his stuff, his energetic stage performances still draw crowds…a fact that no doubt contributes to his whopping $500 million fortune.


Jimmy Buffett – $600 million

Buffet describes his music as “Drunken Caribbean Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Fans like to call it “Gulf and Western.” Your bank manager, on the other hand, is probably more inclined to call you “profitable.” Since beginning his career in 1969, Buffet has garnered a devoted fan base (known as “Parrotheads”), 20 million record sales, multiple sold-out tours, and three number-one-selling books. When he’s not busy making music, Buffet supports his bank balance with profits from his successful restaurant chains, Margaritaville Café and Cheeseburger in Paradise. All in all, the total reward for their efforts amounts to a staggering $600 million.


Bono – $700 million

Bono, the Irish musician and lead singer of the legendary rock band U2, is as well known for his philanthropy as he is for his music. Over the years, his social activism has included co-founding the charities, DATA, EDUN, the ONE campaign and Product Red, appearing at multiple benefit concerts (Live Aid being the most famous) and contributing to fundraising. for singles like Band Aid’s Do They. Know it’s Christmas / Feed the world. His charitable efforts have not gone unnoticed…in 2004, he received the Pablo Neruda International Presidential Medal of Honor from the Government of Chile, and three years later, he was awarded a knighthood. Of course, no one is beyond reprimand, and in Bono’s case, criticism has focused on accusations of turning the pursuit of social justice into “a grand orgy of narcissistic philanthropy.” If Bono needs some time to reflect on his decisions, we’re sure his $700 million personal fortune will help.


Paul McCartney – $1.2 billion

Who else but the man, the legend, the Svengali vegetarian, sir, could lay claim to the highest position today? MCCARTNEY, Paul The “pretty boy” of the Beatles is one of history’s most popular singer-songwriters, and despite the fact that the Fab Four disbanded over 50 years ago, he is still amassing successes. Mull of Kintyre, which he released in 1977, is still among the best-selling songs in UK history, and his 2018 album Come On to Me, which dethroned youthful suitor Eminem from the top spot. throughout the course. There doesn’t appear to be much McCartney can do now that he has been awarded a knighthood other than relax and take use of his $1.2 billion fortune.