1976: Jimmy Page Shares His View About The Beatles

via Henrik Ibsen / Youtube

During an interview in 1976, Jimmy Page opened up his view about the Beatles and revealed that he didn’t care about the group’s first albums, however, he praised the band’s last ones.

Led Zeppelin took the throne from the Beatles during the 70s after the band disbanded in 1969. They introduced a new sound and was called  Hard Rock. Led Zeppelin were dubbed by the media as the new generation comparing them to The Beatles.

Jimmy Page was asked about The Beatles back in 1976 and what influenced The Beatles had with rock music at the time, he replied:

“I don’t know about today’s. Certainly at the time, you know, the social question poised by The Beatles, you know, long hair and certainly as it was, it was cool (to have) long hair. A lot of changed went down, a lot of social barriers, we broke down class barriers, even though it may have been resented afterwards.”

“But nevertheless they helped to do that and over the years that they were very muscially prominent and productive and I think there is a classic example of a group who shows so much development and maturity within their music the years they were together. The early records, they’re nothing to really write home about, but by the time they’re a Magical Mystery Tour, it was really going somewhere.”

Watch Jimmy Page, the famous rock guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist musician, known for being the founder of one of the most legendary bands in history: Led Zeppelin, full interview below: