1977: Van Morrison And Neil Young Performs Together In French TV

via @TheMysticMuse | Youtube

The intensity Neil Young and Van Morrison’s performance on French Television showcased how a rock star should behave and it defines the trajectory of two of the living legends of the rock age. Neil Young and Van Morrison are definitely proud of their career at the time, but above all, the love and devotion they inspire in their fans.

Veterans Neil Young and Van Morrison symbolize a vital and artistic philosophy with their unstoppable activity of records and concerts in recent years.

They are two veteran icons more alive than ever: Neil Young and Van Morrison. These two emblems, whose solo careers help explain why songs have the transformative power they have for people or understand why there once was rock – that eclectic spirit of root sounds – helped break moral chains and move forward. society, they do not stop despite being among the oldest of the place.

And these pair performing together is something you shouldn’t miss! Van Morrison & Neil Young played for a French Television titled, Jukebox on September 3, 1977. You can watch the full video below: