1980: Watch Elton John Perform “Imagine” 3 Months Before John Lennon’s Death

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A Supposed Tribute For A Birthday Celebration

Elton John honored Lennon in Central Park, New York three months before his death in 1980.

In less than three months, before  Lennon’s tragic death by the hands of a crazy fan, Mark David Chapman – Elton John honored him by singing ‘Imagine’ in Central Park.

“We’re going to do a song written by a friend of mine who I haven’t seen for a long time,” Elton talking to the crowd.

“It’s a very beautiful song. You all know it. He only lives just over the road. He hasn’t done a record in ages, but he’s doing one at the moment.”

If you didn’t know, both rock icons were very close friends and it all started around the mid-70s. During the performance at Madison Square Garden in 1974, Elton managed to persuade John onstage to perform a couple of songs, and it ended up as his final performance in public.

John Lennon retired performing two years after the Madison Square Garden performance with Elton, and they didn’t see each other often since then.

Elton’s Central Park performance was indeed emotional and left a powerful message following the tragic death of the Fab Four’s founder:

“I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.”

Rest In Peace, Legend!

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