25 Facts About Aerosmith

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Aerosmith is one of the greatest rock bands of all time; with a journey that despite important and obvious ups and downs has been frankly successful. Not in vain, it is the American group with the most gold and platinum records, and has a legion of followers all over the world; known as the Blue Army.

25. They Believe Science Fiction Is Our Immediate Future

Steven Tyler believes that science fiction is our immediate future. And he is a Star Trek fan because he is convinced that soon there will be machines that will break down our molecules and teleport us, just like Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock.


24. The Band’s Beginnings…

They lived confined in a small room. The beginnings are always difficult and for Aerosmith too. In the early days of the band all the members lived in a small apartment in Boston and spent the day eating rice and vegetables and watching “The Three Stooges” while listening to Jeff Beck, Cream and Deep Purple.


23. Real Names of Aerosmith Members

Steven Tyler – Stephen Victor Tallerico

Joe Perry – Anthony Joseph Pereira 

Brad Whitford – Brad Ernest Whitford Jr

Tom Hamilton – Thomas William Hamilton

Joey Kramer – Joseph Michael Kramer


22. Young Mila Kunis On Jaded Video

A very young Mila Kunis is the star of the video for Jaded, one of Aerosmith’s successes of the past decade. The lyrics of the song are about how much Tyler missed his daughter Chelsea when he went on tour.


21. The Band’s Name

Some names that had been thought for the band were: ArrowSmith (from which the name Aerosmith came), The Bananas, Stit Jane or Spike Jones.


20. Autographs Up There and Down There

He has lost count of the number of female breasts on which he has been asked to stamp his autograph. There has also been a fan who has demanded a rubric on her parts. “When that happens I ask them, ‘Are you sure your boyfriend won’t mind when he’s down there?”


19. Walk This Way

During the walks that the members of the band sometimes took, the dialogues that they had between them ended up turning into song lyrics. They explain Tyler how one of these walks went awry: “‘Walk This Way’ came out all at once. If you listen to the words, they’re all really filthy. If you listen closely you’ll hear that I disguised it quite cleverly.” (Check the full interview with Steven Tyler.)


18. You See Me Crying

One day at a party, You See Me Crying started playing from the Toys In The Attic album, and Tyler told Perry that that song was great and that they should do a cover. Perry replied something like: “but it’s us, idiot”


17. The First Record Deal

A performance at the legendary New York club Max’s Kansas City – the place where Warhol camped each night with his tribe and where Bob Marley, Patti Smith, and Springsteen played when they were strangers – earned Aerosmith his first record deal. It was in 1972.


16. Dream On

It was the first single from their first album, the legendary song that started it all…

Originally written in 1965 by vocalist Steven Tyle, when he was 17 years old and Aerosmith didn’t exist. The song was first performed live at the Shaboo Inn in Willimantic, Connecticut in 1969 with Steven’s former band, Chain Reaction.

Steven wrote the song dedicated to his father, a student at the prestigious Juilliard School of Classical Music. He always repeated to his son the message of the chorus of the song … Keep dreaming … Steven confessed to having taken the chords and melody out of the classical music pieces that his father performed at home.


15. Living On The Edge … Another story of the group’s Excess

Once again drugs mark an important part of rock band history. Young people who found fame suddenly and succumbed to all kinds of vices without any control. Luckily in the case of the guys from Aerosmith, the drug did not lead to anyone’s passing, but it did with many other groups and of course with many other anonymous people.


14. Steven Tyler’s First Wife

His first wife was Cyrinda Foxe, mother of his daughter Mia. Before that, Foxe was the wife of David Johansen, lead singer of the New York Dolls, and before that, he had a relationship with Bowie and, it is rumored, also with his then-wife Angie. Tyler and Foxe married in 1978.


13. Toxic Twins

Such was the amount of abuse their bodies were exposed to that vocalist Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry earned the nickname “Toxic Twins.” Tyler’s physical and mental state became truly deranged at times in the late 1970s.


12. Night Vision

Tyler is the proud owner of night vision binoculars that allow him to control the paparazzi from sneaking onto his property to snoop.


11. They Are Cat’s And Dogs Most Of The Time

Steven Tyler’s relationship with guitarist Joe Perry has always been strained. Perry is the co-writer of almost all of Aerosmith’s songs, as well as responsible for its most popular riffs. When they met in 1969, they discovered that they had both vacationed in the same place for years but had never seen each other. Perry left the group in 1980 and returned to it four years later.


10. Steven’s Scarves 

They talk about the fact that the scarves that Tyler puts on the mic’s feet, not only have the ornamental function nor the one to contribute glamor. It is rumored that they have pockets in which Steven kept, keeps, some other stimulant substance.


9. Jogging With Nikki Sixx

They recorded the album Pump on the same dates and in the same studio as Motley Crue to their Doctor Feelgood. According to Nikki Sixx in their book of the biography of the Crues, Tyler and he were going jogging and drinking water, they were in the middle of detoxification … in fact, they had the same therapist.


8. Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell

The model Bebe Buell, a regular in the 70s New York music scene and a Playboy girl in those days, was Steven’s partner. He also conceived a daughter with him, the now popular actress Liv Tyler. Before she was born, the frontman decided that both would lead a better life if he was not by her side. Bebe raised Liv alongside fellow musician Todd Rundgren, who served as her official father.


7. Attempt To Flirt Vince Neil

‘Dude (Looks Like a Lady)’ is considered a hymn to ambiguity, something that Tyler has practiced since the beginning of his career through his image and his staging. A style that always earned him comparisons with the great precursor of the matter, Mick Jagger. The letter has its origin in a funny anecdote. On one occasion, the group was in a bar and at the other end of the bar they saw a showy blonde hair. They approached her with the intention of flirting and discovered that it was Vince Neil, singer of Mötley Crüe. They began to joke saying “Dude looks like a lady”, and the phrase ended up being the chorus of a song.


6. Draw The Line

Draw the Line is the band’s fifth album and was recorded in an abandoned convent near New York City, the band lived there while recording the album with the initial intention of detoxifying. But they eventually ended up getting high again by firing guns and driving dangerously between sessions.


5. Drugs Were Bad

There are virtually no drugs that Tyler has not tried. He started at 16 with speed and weed and continued with acids, coke, and alcohol. Such a career gave him hepatitis C and several visits to detox clinics. “Drugs were bad, yes, but some of us resisted them!” He says in his book.


4. Armageddon

Steven Tyler’s daughter Liv asked him for advice when he was asked to star in ‘Armageddon’, because it seemed too commercial. Her father encouraged her to do it and Aerosmith ended up performing the film’s theme song, ‘I Don’tWant to Miss a Thing,’ which was nominated for an Oscar and is one of their biggest hits.


3. Meeting With Paul McCartney

Steven Tyler met Paul McCartney in a backstage bathroom at London’s Hammersmith Odeon. Apparently, Paul came in and said hey! Steven Tyler, damn it, I love your music! ‘ And he patted him on his back with his free hand. On his nerves, Tyler turned around and almost urinated on the Beatle’s leg.


2. NatGeo Documentary About Steven Tyler

During the National Geographic Channel documentary series The Incredible Human Machine, an experiment was conducted in which a team of experts analyzed the inside of Tyler.


1. Paternity of Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler, the now-famous starring actress of the “Lord of the Rings” saga, was born in Portland, United States, and throughout her childhood, she believed she was the daughter of the union between Bebe Buell, a famous former Playboy bunny and groupie, and Todd Rundgren. At age 14 he learned that his biological father was none other than Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith.