5 Amazing Rock Legend Cameos In Music Videos

via @David Bowie | YouTube

Rock artists have used music videos to display their latest songs to the globe, incorporating the freshest and hottest forms of fireworks that permeate the promotional video. And one technique to draw attention to the video is when some other recognized figure appears.

Below are the 5 Amazing Rock Legend Cameos In Music Videos


5. Ringo Starr in ‘I Won’t Back Down’

The song is frequently misidentified as a Heartbreakers song, although it is mainly a solo work by Tom Petty, with assistance from members of The Heartbreakers. Jeff Lynne produced the song, which included the legendary ELO frontman on harmony vocals. George Harrison provided acoustic guitar to the song, thus his participation in the video felt right, but Ringo Starr’s presence was more puzzling.


4. Jerry Cantrell in ‘Rockstar’

‘Rockstar’ is riddled with cameos, but Jerry Cantrell is perhaps the most notable, simply because it’s the presence of a grunge genius permitting himself to be established by the junior groups who followed Alice in Chains. The video also includes Ted Nugent, but we’d prefer pay attention to the enlightened musician than the misogynistic cowboy who hacks into Joan Jett.


3. Gary Barlow in ‘Queenie Eye’

Is anyone familiar with any Gary Barlow jokes? We don’t need to produce one because the most recent Take That album was a satire in and of itself. Alternatively, we might crack a remark about his connection with James Corden, but we could discuss Barlow’s relationship with Beatle, bassist, and knight Sir Paul McCartney. Barlow actually interviewed the Beatle about their writing process, and he appears briefly in the trailer for ‘Queenie Eye,’ which also stars Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep. The Take That leader is relishing the company of The Beatles, who schooled him in a couple of things about songwriting.


2. Steve Strange in ‘Ashes to Ashes’

Mr. “fade to grey” can be seen in a David Bowie video taking the musician – then atoning for the wrong decisions he made in his life – to a greater level that focuses on the existence of the conscious and unconscious. The video is among the most costly in history, costing an astounding £250,000. David Mallet directed the film, which went on to direct Queen’s ‘Radio Gaga,’ possibly the most stunning video in British music history. Mallet can also brag about directing the most imaginative of Bowie’s films, ‘Ashes to Ashes.’


1. John Deacon in ‘Stutter Rap (No Sleep til Bedtime)’

The ‘Stutter Rap’ is really ridiculous, and we’re not even the first people to make that remark, but it did accomplish the unthinkable: it got John Deacon to perform a guitar solo publicly. The Queen bassist can be seen mimicking to an intense guitar solo while wearing a stifling, sick wig. Deacon was likely capable of performing the guitar solo alone, as he frequently performed the guitar riffs on Queen albums, especially the groovy ones a la ‘Back Chat.’