5 Career-Defining Drum Solos In The 80s’

via @kiboko | YouTube

The reflection that in the field of Rock and Metal things change diametrically, since (without doing less the work of jazz players) the requirements of skill, control, precision, and strength multiply exponentially. The drummer becomes an athlete literally, his physical and mental work is much more demanding. Here we have 5 samples of Career-Defining Drum Solos In The 80s’:

Toto – Rosanna (1982)

This entire song is basically a drum solo. Playing this song is quite an exercise for drumming. The genius Jeff Porcaro adds a special Groove to the song mixing a “shuffle” in the hi-hat while the drummer adorns it with ghost notes in triplets that make “Rosanna very particular.


Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight (1981)

We are not going to abound in the well-known animosity that Phil Collins arouses among music lovers of half the world, among other things because we already said it so before. Also, like it or not, the solo debut single from Genesis’ drummer, beyond its honeyed and somewhat scary wrapper, contains a multi-karat solo.


Van Halen – Hot For Teacher (1984)

Alex Van Halen accomplished one of the most iconic and recognizable drum stars of the early 1980s, a technical demonstration whose replication is almost like climbing Everest in drumming terms.


Rush – YYZ (1981)

Neil Peart, the best name that can be found in the world of drumming. We can write a lot of stuff about YYZ until we found a review about it, which leaves us no choice but to quote it verbatim, this should be enough to define it:

“The song starts with a beat using the code for YYZ, which is the code for the band at Toronto International Airport. The drumbeat (along with the other instruments) come together to match YYZ’s morse code, and the song is complicated by fillings and other complexities. With so many intricate sounds going on at once, Rush doesn’t need to sing about music. That is taking the complication to the top. ”


The Police – Wrapped Around Your Finger (1983)

Ok, not everyone likes The Police, but to honor to whom honor is due. Stewart is a genius, he has, in addition to the band led by Sting, a project in Oysterhead next to Les Claypool de Primus. The fusion of rhythms in jazz, metal, reggae, and some oriental music has made it the perfect complement to the music of the 80s. Its style; elegant, but daring.