5 Career-Defining Songs Of Rod Stewart

via @Gaetano Quero | YouTube

Rod Stewart is another one of those musicians, who since we’ve entered the world of music in the mid-’80s, We have always been passionate about. We maintain that idyll thanks to his unique, warm, and raspy voice, and also thanks to a good handful of timeless Rock classics. Below are his 5 Career-Defining Songs:

1. Sailing

‘Sailing’ is a song to life, a piece of heaven made music, a divine melody, which in the hands of Rod Stewart and supported by those heavenly choirs, acquires an extraordinary dimension. In this song, you experience something magical about art and music.


2. Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright)

Recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in Muscle Shoals City in Alabama and the final touches of Rod’s vocals were recorded at Caribou Ranch Studios in Colorado. According to Rod’s own autograph, the song features a sexy whisper from his then-partner Britt Ekland in the final part of the song, which caused some problems with American radio stations for being considered “risque and too suggestive” for the time and therefore it was generally shortened and that part was omitted at the time of production.

3. Da Ya Think I’m Sexy

The song included some touches of disco music that positions it within the dance-rock subgenre. This sound was highly criticized by the specialized press of the time, who tried to betray Rod for moving away from his origins in blues-rock.


4. Have I Told You

Have I Told You Lately is a song by Van Morrison released on the 1989 album Avalon Sunset and as a single the same year. Rod Stewart did a version of the song that showcased his powers as an interpreter of music penned by other artists.


5. Forever Young

Rod Stewart recorded a song also titled “Forever Young”, which was released as a single and included on his 1988 album Out of Order. The song was remarkably similar to Bob Dylan’s, sharing not only a similar melody but much of the same lyrics. Stewart agreed to share the royalties for the song with Dylan.