5 Forgotten Songs From John Denver

via John Denver / Youtube

You will rapidly shed any assumed views about John Denver if you look past the famous hits. He may sing hymns that are pouring with sunlight and be an all-American kid, but he is not impervious to the blues, and on occasion, he will let that melancholy balladeer take the lead.


Friends With You

This reflective song from Denver’s sixth studio album is whistling. Denver examines the blessing of being older and all the experiences that come with it in the verses. A minor melody dominates the verses before the chorus bursts into a joyful major chord.


Mother Nature’s Son

Although the Beatles initially sang this song for their self-titled “White Album,” it appears like it was written just for Denver.

Several of Denver’s songs express a profound regard for the land. No one creates a more accurate picture of nature than Denver, from “Rocky Mountain High” through “Sunshine on My Shoulders.”


The Cowboy and the Lady

Denver portrays the odd pair with the most beautiful lady he has ever encountered in “The Cowboy and the Lady.” She is waiting for her jet to go off while wearing a beautiful feathered hat, while he is dressed in his bedazzled suit, cowboy hat, and boots.



Denver’s tune “Matthew,” apparently based on the brief life of his uncle, sacrifices complete truth in favor of crafting a moving homage to a real human. It is one of his most moving songs and shows a true conviction in the notion of being a decent man and enjoying life the correct way.


All of My Memories

While traveling, Denver yearns for home in “All of My Memories.” Denver longs for more pastoral surroundings, the only location that feels appropriate for the artist to be among an ongoing loop of hotel rooms and thirst, interminable roadways.