5 Greatest Live Moments In Lemmy Kilmister’s Career

via Danii els/ Youtube

Lemmy Kilmister, the only constant in Motörhead, was the frontman par excellence. As long as there are guitars to shred and horns to raise, rock and roll will continue to embody the bass-wielding, lyric-snarling, mutton-chopped heavy metal cowboy.


Live with Metallica, 2009

Metallica’s James Hetfield warmly welcomes the “Godfather of Metal” onto the stage at one of the band’s live performances in 2009. That night, the band rocked in front of their idol as though the world were ending. Kilmister, who delivered a repulsive bass line and growling, evil vocals, justifiably dominated the performance.


StageFright, Dusseldorf, Germany, 2004

Kilmister is unflappable throughout “In the Name of Tragedy,” hammering along with the blazing drums while delivering jumbled words that may sound gooey in his mouth but are crystal apparent to the ravenous crowd. Nothing and no one could ever outshine or out-rock the legend because it was so loud, thunderous, and courageous.



Live, 1981

The legendary Motörhead hymn, “Ace of Spades,” is crooned by a youthful Kilmister with a fury. His almost bass-breaking onstage theatrics are genuine rock and roll, with his chest thrust out and body hair on full show.


Live in Germany, 1979

Kilmister was the firework element to Motörhead’s music, and even with furious players flanking him onstage throughout this 1979 concert of “Overkill” in “No Class,” all eyes were on him.


“Kilmister Blues” Live

The song “Kilmister Blues” features a powerful and intense performance by the band’s leader, set against a grand rock background. His rough vocals stand out amidst the heavy instrumentals, making it a memorable and impactful moment in rock music.