5 Interesting Facts About Joe Walsh’s Career

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Born in Wichita, Kansas, Walsh and his family moved to Columbus, Ohio, where they lived for many years, then moved to New York City. Soon, Walsh moved to Montclair, New Jersey, where he attended the Montclair school. He spent his time playing with various Cleveland bands, including The Measles, while attending Kent State University.

Joining James Gang

In 1969, he replaced Glen Schwartz as guitarist for James Gang, the troublemaking gang. Walsh proved and became the star of the group, he innovated the band’s rhythm and created several guitar riffs.

The Formation of Barnstorm

In November 1971, Walsh left the band and formed the group Barnstorm, although the albums were credited to Walsh as a solo artist. Walsh and Barnstorm released the album Barnstorm in 1972. The album was a critical success but sold poorly. Soon after came The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get (1973), releasing the first hit “Rocky Mountain Way”, which was very successful. In 1974, Barnstorm ends and Walsh continues his solo career.

The Solo Career

Over the next two years, Walsh could have released the studio album, So What and then the live You Can’t Argue with a Sick Mind, but these were released in 1978.

The Eagles

In 1976, he joined the big band country-rock, the Eagles replacing guitarist Bernie Leadon. He added and pushed the band towards a solid and energetic sound style, moving away from his style and starting with country-rock. Considered one of the best guitarists in the world, Joe has been a member of the band The Eagles for more than 30 years on and off.

Joe Walsh Own Radio Show

The production is called ‘Joe Walsh Old Fashioned Rock N Roll Radio Show. The idea emerged due to the worldwide pandemic COVID-19 that also affected the plans of the creators of Hotel California. Walsh named the radio production The Joe Walsh Old-Fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio Show broadcasting from his home for the 88.5 FM station operated by California State University every Saturday.