5 Isolated Drum Tracks From Dave Grohl Proving His Greatness

via @The-Art-of-Guitar | YouTube

There is always something old about the curtain in taking apart the songs, isolating their tracks, and seeing how all the pieces sound separately. In the case of Dave Grohl, one of rock n’ roll’s finest, is and has always been above all a great drummer, who with his group [Foo Fighters] he began composing beyond his usual work but has never completely abandoned the drumsticks.

It is worth taking a look at how Dave Grohl manages to give every song he plays that kind of rhythm that propels the melody of an almost perfect song and, if you play the drums yourself, all the more so.

Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teens Spirit’

The isolated version of Dave Grohl’s drum track in “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is not just a long drum solo, it is a nearly 5-minute demonstration of majestic talent.


Nirvana – ‘In Bloom’

The patterns for ‘In Bloom’ and the other tunes previously recorded with iconic producer Butch Vig in 1990 remained mostly unchanged following Grohl’s entry into the fold but, under direction, were re-recorded with renewed spite.


Foo Fighters – ‘Everlong’

The tune may be recognized for Grohl’s compelling lyrics or his acoustic strumming ere anyone remembers of the drums on the track. The song is regarded as Grohl’s evolution as a songwriter though when you isolate the drum parts of Foo Fighters ‘Everlong’, you can understand that he was forever a drummer at heart and soul.


Queens of the Stone Age – ‘No One Knows’

The thundering intensity beyond the record on this isolated version of ‘No One Knows’ can be heard, all that intense sound that Grohl produced is inescapable and all-surrounding.



Them Crooked Vultures – ‘Scumbag Blues’

We hope we get to witness these three giants of rock music back in the studio one more time and enchant up more magic. For now, though, we’ll have to appreciate this excellent isolated drums from ‘Scumbag Blues’.