5 Songs From The Album “Aqualung” That Got Fans Hooked

via @Mundo Analogo | Youtube

If there is an album that every classic rock fans periodically turn to in for decades since its release, it is “Aqualung”. Hundreds of listeners and it continues to fascinate everyone like the first day: undoubtedly the most punctured album of all my life, and also the most purchased, in all formats and editions.


Nothing sounded or sounds like Jethro Tull, a sound world without disciples, original and inimitable music, and here giving the breast, a magical mixture of a thousand influences apparently irreconcilable, but that manage to adapt to create something unique, Hard rock, and folk.

Wind Up

Magic from the ravishing beginning, one of the best things that exist, until the end “Wind Up”, both memorable riffs and rare absence of flute, with superb works by Martin Barre, and a hallucinated Anderson singing.


Cross-Eyed Mary

Delicate brushstrokes showing the artist that Anderson is in this heartfelt “Cross-Eyed Mary.” Throughout the album, the music balances between acoustic softness and rock energy.


My God

Reserve as the right special mention for a song, that is the symbol of the album, “Aqualung”: “My God”. What to say? Certainly, a masterpiece made such by its structure: guitar chords echo from afar, which become more intense, more sustained.

Hymn 45

Even if, according to its creator, “Aqualung” is not a concept album, Ian Anderson takes an uncompromising look at English society at the time, its misery (“Aqualung” the tramp, “Cross-Eyed Mary” the prostitute) and her religious screed (“My God”, “Wind Up” or “Hymn 45”).