5 Songs That Will Make You Love Jim Croce’s Music

via @Guy Van Nimmen / YouTube

Today we want to remember one of those forgotten figures. He was a singer-songwriter from the generation of Cat Stevens, Al Stewart, Tim Buckley, Donovan, and Nick Drake, but much less recognized, at least that has always seemed to most fans. We are talking about the mustachioed Jim Croce who passed away 4 years ago. Below are the 5 Songs That Will Make You Love Jim Croce’s Music:

5. Time In A Bottle

Time in a bottle is perhaps his best-known song, simply with two guitars, one low and the other high, that dance around a melancholic voice that is born from the very heart, it expresses the love he feels, a love dedicated to his son, a true eternal testament, a true masterpiece.

4. Country Girl

1975 released a posthumous double album, “The Faces I’ve Been”, where the song “Country Girl” shines in a particular way, a true country classic which showed a Jim Croce who had acquired an impressive musical maturity and who he left in this work perhaps one of his best compositions.

3. Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown

Very shortly after, at the beginning of 1973, his second album was released: “Life and Times”. It is another magnificent album in which a song shines with a very intense light that it is quite possible that you have ever heard: “Bad bad Leroy Brown”, a country classic that moved away for a moment from the sadness that enveloped most of his songs.


2. Operator (That’s Not The Way It Feels)

Jim Croce did not differ too much from other singer-songwriters, but he had something in his lyrics, a mixture of a sense of humor (dark), nostalgia, melancholy. At the age of 27 he got his second chance, he made himself known to the right people, and ended up recording an album in 1972 with ABC Records: “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim”. From that album, one of his best-known songs stands out, the kind that sometimes plays on “oldies” radios but many people don’t know who it belongs to; Operator (That’s Not the Way It Feels).

1. I Got A Name

Jim spent much of the summer going on tour promoting the new album and taking advantage of the “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” pull that was climbing the charts. On September 20, 1973, after a concert in Louisiana, the small plane that was transporting him to Texas crashed shortly after takeoff. All its occupants died. The album “I Got a Name” went on sale the next day with its title track peaking at #4 in the Billboard charts.