6 Rock Legends Who Aged Gracefully

via @Charles Slane / YouTube

Sex, drugs and rock and roll is the lifestyle that many of the icons of this musical genre gave themselves, with the constant tours, without time to rest or exercise. This caused that they did not age gracefully, but they lived their youth to the fullest and surely they do not regret it.



The physical involution of the Guns n ‘Roses singer is probably the only point of the day when the entire international rock community could reach an agreement in less than the duration of the Welcome To The Jungle intro. It’s not that this 59-year-old Axl Rose who looks like a sketchy video game villain seems to have eaten the real Axl Rose, who was cool, it’s that he gives the impression that he has eaten him three times. And Val Kilmer for dessert.




The vocalist of Mötley Crüe, another Los Angeles band famous for its uncontrolled excesses, now suffers the effects of so much vicious laughter, with extra kilos and a less disturbing face (something that is repeated in practically all the musicians in this list)



The AC/DC lead guitarist has never been much of a physical thing, but it is his vivacious tick appearance that, paradoxically, has made him great. But things as they are, at 66 years old he transmits an alarming fragility. And for the record, Angus is a teetotaler and nothing given to vices, but genetics is that dictatorial.



Young Patti did what she damn well-liked in 1970s New York. Its lush appearance was the perfect facade for torrential creativity launched into the world from the Chelsea Hotel. But over the years (she is already 74), she has become the perfect naughty witch to get children to run to bed in terror and without looking back. Patti Smith is coming, Patti Smith is coming! RUN!!!!!!!!



It is not the overweight that worries us about the vocalist and bassist of KISS, but the hair as well as a poorly made doll that looks as if nothing was happening, as if nothing happened. Not to mention the huge amounts of botox that have left him with a face, to say the least disturbing. And if Gene Simmons (72 years old) sticks out his tongue, he is already the red one.



Third consecutive case of a rock star from the eighties to which the phrase ‘who has seen you and who sees you’ is applied with disdain. And it is that the Def Leppard singer (62 years old), yes, the one who still insists today on singing that you put more sugar on top, has ended with a sweet sentence of high tonnage under his enduring blonde mane.