7 Classic Rock Songs To Summarize 1979

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1979 was a year of diversity and changes in the music. Charts displayed evidence of that mix musical styles. From ska revivalists to rock, classic rock acts to post-punk pioneers and the emerging original punk acts. 

Here’s our look at 7 Classic Rock Songs To Summarize The Year 1979.

Message in a Bottle – The Police

The first track and lead single from the band’s second studio album, Reggatta de Blanc produced by ‎Nigel Gray‎. Message in a Bottle was the band’s first track and Grammy Award-winning single. It explores themes of being left alone of a deserted island, which is their metaphor for being heartbroken and alone.

London Calling – The Clash

The title track from the band’s album, London Calling. The title of the song caught a lot of people’s attention during 1979. “London Calling” suggests to the BBC World Service’s station identification: This is London calling …,” a phrase used during World War II, broadcasted to occupied countries.


Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

The band’s tribute to Elvis Presley by showcasing the early rockabilly style. And the amazing fact about this song was that it was only written in only 10 minutes while Freddie was in a bathtub. Released from their album, The Game which was the band’s only album to have reached #1 in the US.


Highway To Hell – AC/DC

The anthem of every hard rock fans – Bon Scott sings about life in the road, comparing it to a highway to Hell. Tragically, he died by drinking himself to death a year later after the album was released. It’s the first single from the band’s 1979 album, Highway To Hell. One of the band’s most popular and recognizable tracks. 


My Sharona – The Knack

The band’s first single which topped the US pop chart in 1979 and was even billed as the song of the year. My Sharona reached the top 20 overseas, including a #6 peak in the UK. The song is very famous for its catchy bass riff and simple lyrics inspired by a 17-year-old girl named Sharona Alperin. Doug Fieger met her at a clothing store.


Heart of Glass – Blondie

Ranked at #255 on Rolling Stone’s list of 500 greatest songs of all time. The song landed made the band as one of the zeitgeist bands of the 70s’ with its 1.3 million sales in the UK only. 


Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

One of the greatest psychedelic songs ever recorded! Roger Waters wrote the song inspired by his personal experience when he was injected with tranquilizers before a 1977 show in Philadelphia:

That was the longest two hours of my life, he said. Trying to do a show when you can hardly lift your arm.”