7 Classic Rock Songs To Summarize The Career Of Billy Idol

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He was born as William Michael Albert Broad and called himself Billy Idol. He was snarly, cocky, and had raspy vocals that turn the 1980s’ into one of the best rock eras. We look back at the 7 Classic Rock Songs To Summarize The Career Of Billy Idol:


7. Catch My Fall

Catch My Fall serves to be one of the reasons that Billy was much more of a punk rocker than a pop star. The song was released on his 1983 LP, Rebel Yell. 


6. Eyes Without a Face

Eyes Without A Face stood out the most during its release – it illustrates Idol’s attitude and his persona. The track was released as a single from his 1983 LP, Rebel Yell. 


5. Flesh for Fantasy

He turned the 80s into a pure unadulterated rock n roll when he released this track, Flesh For Fantasy. The track was also released from Billy’s 1983 LP, Rebel Yell. 


4. Mony Mony

Billy’s cover of Tommy James & the Shondells hit was one of his amazing stories. He initially covered the song in 1981 for his debut LP Don’t Stop — and also included it on his 1987 live version, Vital Idol. 



3. White Wedding

White Wedding is one of Billy’s bass-driven combined with electronic elements track that became a 1980s’ hit. Billy released the song on his 1982 self-titled album, Billy Idol. 


2. Dancing With Myself

Dancing With Myself serves as an example of Billy’s extreme talent making punk rock as dance music. He released the song in 1982 on his self-titled album, Billy Idol.


1. Rebel Yell

Well, of course, this isn’t a surprise. Most of the best songs from Billy Idol’s catalog came from his 1983 LP, Rebel Yell — and the title track serves to be the greatest of them all.