7 Classic Rock SongsTo Summarize The Career Of Cheap Trick

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During the 70s’ all the great songs of Cheap Trick put Rockford, City in Illinois in the annals of rock n’ roll. So here’s our look at the 7 Classic Rock SongsTo Summarize The Career Of Cheap Trick:


7. Heaven Tonight

Before the band raised hell, they went to heaven first. This is song is the title track for their third studio album, Heaven Tonight released in 1978. 


6. Gonna Raise Hell

Written by Rick Nielsen and the group released it on their 1979 album Dream Police. Rick Nielsen wrote the lyrics as a reference to “religious, political and nuclear fanatics” which is still relevant to this day.


5. Southern Girls

Rick Nielsen collaborated with Tom Petersson in the composition of this song. The song was first released on the group’s 1977 album In Color which was produced by Tom Werman. 


4. ELO Kiddies

Released from the band’s 1977 self-titled album Cheap Trick. The track was released as a single twice one in 1977 as an A-side backed by “Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace,” and the next one was in 1979 as the B-side of the live “Ain’t That a Shame” concert.


3. Dream Police

The title track for the band’s fourth studio album. It was released in 1979. The song was released as a single and was the first track from the album. It peaked at the Billboard Hot 100 at #26.


2. Surrender

One of the band’s enduring songs and was released in June 1978 as a single from their album Heaven Tonight. Surrender was their first single to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart which peaked at number 62. 


1. I Want You to Want Me

Released from the band’s second album In Color that was released in September 1977 and the first single released. One of their best songs that did not chart in the United States.