7 Classic Rock SongsTo Summarize The Career Of Dale Hawkins

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Dale Hawkins was born on August 22, 1936, in Goldmine, Louisiana. Dale was the cousin of a well-known rock’n’roll singer, Ronnie Hawkins. Both developed their careers in their own ways. Here’s our look at 7 Classic Rock SongsTo Summarize The Career Of Dale Hawkins:

7. Wild Wild World

Released on Dale Hawkins album, Susie Q in 1958. One of the first rock n’ roller tracks of the late 50s’. 


6. Susie Q

Susie Q is the title track from the album of the same name. Hawkins recorded the song late in the rockabilly era of 1957 and released it with the album in 1958.


5. Little Rain Cloud

Dale Hawkins co-wrote the song with Dan Penn. He released the song in 1969 from his LP LA, Memphis & Tyler, Texas. You’ll hear that La Grange feels of ZZ Top on this track.


4. L.A. Memphis Tyler Texas

The song was released in 1969 as the title track from the album, L.A., Memphis & Tyler, Texas. Hawkins collaborated with Ry Cooder, and The Memphis Horns when he recorded the album.


3. Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town

Originally written by Mel Tillis in 1967. Many artists recorded this song which includes Waylon Jennings in 1966, Johnny Darrell in 1967, and of course Dale Hawkins. 


2. Tornado

Dale Hawkins released the album in 1958 under his label Checker Records. The song was originally written by Carl Adams.


1. Teenage Dolly 

The song was recorded in 1957 for Checker Records but it was not released until 1998. Dale Hawkins originally wrote the song.