7 Classic Rock SongsTo Summarize The Career Of Jeff Healey Band

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Norman Jeffrey Healey was one of the well-known Canadian jazz and blues-rock guitarists who peaked the Billboard Charts during his career. He gained his popularity during the 1980s and 1990s with his band called, The Career Of Jeff Healey Band. We look back at the 7 Classic Rock Songs To Summarize The Career Of Jeff Healey Band:

1. Angel Eyes

With this song, Jeff Healey surely showcased his voice, and skill as a musician. He released the song in 1988 as an inclusion to their album called, See The Light.

2. See The Light

See The Light is the title track from the band’s 1988 debut album of the same name. The album was ranked as No. 50 of the top 100 albums in Canada in 1989 and got a nomination in 1990 for an “Album of the Year” Juno Award.

3. Roadhouse Blues

Jeff Healey’s title track for his 1989 album Roadhouse Blues. This song was regarded as one of the most underrated songs let alone artists there ever was.

4. Confidence Man

One of Jeff Healey’s most diversified, and incredible works. He was indeed one of the top all-time guitarists as showcased in this song. Confidence Man was released on their 1988 album, See The Light.

5. I Think I Love You Too Much

With this song, Jeff Healey kinda reminds of you SRV. Mark Knopfler was also featured on this song on the second guitar – he also wrote the song. The song was released on the band’s 1991 album, Hell To Pay.


6. Blue Jean Blues

Warning: the middle section solo will make your hair raise on the back of your neck. Blue Jean Blues is a ZZ Top cover, and he surely put so much feeling into it. The song was included on their 1988 album, See The Light.


7. Stuck In The Middle With You

A brilliant cover version of “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Jeff Healey. The song was originally written and performed by Stealers Wheel in 1972. Jeff Healey included the song in their 1995 album of the same name.