7 Facts About All Day And All Of The Night By The Kinks

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The Kinks founded in London in 1963, made versions of American rock and roll, but a year later they broke the market with the tremendous You Really Got Me, which is considered the prelude to heavy metal for its hard guitar riff and powerful rhythmic structure. Seen the success they continue with the formula in this All Day And All Of The Night

The Follow Up To You Really Got Me

After the release of You Really Got Me The Kinks’ record company urged them to come up with new hits very swiftly, which generated what lead singer Ray Davies defined as an “assembly line” of songs.

Ray Davies Penned The Song

A robust rock song where the person can’t endure to be away from his woman even for a second. He described it, “A neurotic song – youthful, obsessive and sexually possessive.”

Produced By Shel Talmy

Shel Talmy produced the song and as the band’s manager, he had helped The Kinks get a loud, dynamic sound. 

The Riff Was Recycled

The Kinks recycled the primary riff in the tune “Destroyer,” the style of which bears a similarity to that of several Talking Heads music.

“Too Blue-collar, Too Working-class”

In July 12, 2006, during a concert at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, Ray Davies illustrated how the tune was initially denied by his record company due to it being “too blue-collar, too working-class” as they have described it and because the record execs thought the guitar sound was like of dog’s bark. 

The Doors “Hello, I Love You”

There are some huge similarities between this song and the 1968 Doors song “Hello, I Love You.” Explained by Ray Davies, his publisher desired to sue the Doors, but he declined to take any legal suit. 

Jimmy Page Playing On The Song??

There was a tenacious tale that Jimmy Page performed guitar on some early Kinks tunes, which includes this one. When Ray Davies was questioned regarding the rumor in a 1981 interview with Creem, he responded: “I remember Page coming to one of our sessions when we were recording ‘All Day And All Of The Night.’ We had to record that song at 10 o’clock in the morning because we had a gig that night. It was done in three hours. Page was doing a session in the other studio, and he came in to hear Dave’s solo, and he laughed and he snickered. And now he says that he played it! So I think he’s an asshole, and he can put all the curses he wants on me because I know I’m right and he’s wrong.”