7 Facts About Hit The Road Jack By Ray Charles

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Hit the Road Jack is one of the great Ray Charles classics. Below are the 7 Facts About Hit The Road Jack By Ray Charles:

Number One!

Thanks to this theme, the master of soul reached number one on the North American charts, on this day in 1961. In addition, he held that position for two consecutive weeks.


Written By Percy Mayfield

This song, which we quickly identify with Ray Charles, was written by Percy Mayfield, early fifties soul star and magnificent composer. In fact, Mayfield was Charles’s favorite songwriter during the 1960s.


A Great Mix Of Soul, Pop, Rock, Jazz, And Gospel

Hit the Road Jack is a great mix of soul, pop, rock, jazz, and gospel, which the critics and the public loved.


“Hit The Road Jack” Is An English Expression

The title is an English expression that means something like “Get out of here.” That’s the phrase that the chorus girls, the Raelettes, repeat with Margie Hendrix at the helm, over and over again.


Grammy for Best Male Rhythm and Blues Record

The song won the 1961 Grammy for Best Male Rhythm and Blues Recording.


The Dream Team Movie

This tune is highlighted in the 1989 movie The Dream Team played by Christopher Lloyd, Peter Boyle, and a mulleted Michael Keaton harmonize it in a van while they leave for a field trip as mental patients.


Cross The Road Jack

Ray Charles re-recorded the song titled “Cross The Road Jack” for a KFC advertisement in the ’80s.