7 Facts About ‘Jaded’ By Aerosmith

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The album “Just Push Play” claims the rockier and more vicious side of the band, without neglecting, of course, its commercial obligations. The mercenaries in charge of giving Aerosmith the commerciality that the record company expects of them are, this time, Marti Frederiksen and Mark Hudson. The album includes custom-made single such as “Jaded.” Below are the 7 Facts About ‘Jaded’ By Aerosmith:

The Song Is About Being Bored To Death

Everyone become jaded when boredom strikes or annoyed, usually because they are over satisfied and take anything for granted. The woman in the tune has everything, which forbids her the opportunity to feel and experience life. 

Steven Tyler Inspired By Her Youngest Daughter

Steven Tyler wrote the song while thinking about his youngest daughter, and how he yearned for her especially being on tour and missing out on her childhood. He feels he’s the reason for her daughter being jaded due to band responsibilities or drug issues.

Tyler Stuttering Is Intentional

Tyler stuttering replicated Roger Daltrey’s on The Who’s “My Generation.”

Tyler And Perry Are The Producers

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry penned this song and produced it. Just Push Play was the first record they produced.

Tower Of Power Horn Section Were Buried

Emilio Castillo, who is a founding member of Tower of Power, told Songfacts: “Aerosmith hired Tower of Power horns after years and years of wanting us to play on their records. They finally decided to do it and Joey Kramer called me up and they said they had their own arranger and I explained to Joey, ‘I’m not sure who this guy is but I need to tell you something: When people use their own arrangers, a lot of times it doesn’t come out sounding like Tower of Power horns. If you want the real sound you should use our arranger.’ He says, ‘Yeah, well, this guy’s a good friend, he’s very talented, he’s done some arrangements for Barbra Streisand.’ And I said, ‘Well, obviously it’s your choice, we’ll come in and play his arrangements.’ He says, ‘How about this, if at any time during the session you feel that the arrangement is not Tower of Power worthy, you just tell us – we’ll call the session, reschedule, hire your horn arranger and redo it.'”

The 2001 Super Bowl

Aerosmith played the song at halftime of the 2001 Super Bowl along with ‘N Sync, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, and Nelly.

Scare Of Doing More

Tyler telling Q magazine: “When I hit on the melody for ‘Jaded,’ it was so phenomenal that for a while I was scared to do anything more with it. I didn’t even tell the band.”