7 Facts About ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ By Pink Floyd

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Few songs have the power and impact of Pink Floyd’s colossal “Shine on You Crazy Diamond.” Below are the 7 Facts About ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ By Pink Floyd:

Recorded At The Abbey Road Studio

The album was received with little enthusiasm until it reached number 1 in the United States and the United Kingdom. Not only did Pink Floyd maintain the extraordinary level treasured in their previous Dark Side of the Moon, it even went further. Those were times when the group was touched by the muses, and what was to come … It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. We will not extend any more because it will be time to do a long and extensive report on this colossal work in which, looking at the cover, one sees that we are facing another musical milestone.

Tribute To Syd Barrett

When Syd, the former leader of the band, visited them in the recording studio that June 1975, nobody noticed that this ugly, bald and obese guy was their friend and former bandmate. Some of them (it is said) wept when they realized who it was.

26-Minute Song Divided Into 9 Parts

All of this came with the added pressure that didn’t exist in the pre-The Dark Side of the Moon era. A pressure that was transferred to the recording studios (the Abbey Road) where Wish You Were Here was recorded, the album that welcomes this wonderful 26-minute song divided into 9 parts.

Roger Waters Penned The Song

In principle, the underlying theme of the song is the loss of Syd, the friend, and founder, the mad genius, the musician, the painter …, the one who one fine day they decided to leave because he was ruining their future as a band with its extravagances and outbursts produced by LSD and incipient mental illness; but there is more, and it is that Waters had already become the great lyricist that the band needed.

Syd Barrett Took Part In The Mixing For His Own Tribute

The magic of the song is rounded by many parts, but one of them has become a legend for Pink Floyd fans. And it is, neither more nor less, the appearance of Syd at Abbey Road studios while mixing, precisely, his ‘musical epitaph’: Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

It Was Actually David Gilmour Who Invited Barrett

For many years, we have liked to believe that Syd appeared there mysteriously, as if on an invisible call, but that the truth is somewhat more prosaic: in those days David married his first wife, Ginger, and told Syd to stop by the studies for a drink. It is true, that everyone was surprised by his abandoned appearance and did not recognize him at first, but the truth is that he did not appear by magic, he had simply been invited by his great friend David Gilmour.

One Of The Most Perfect Songs Ever Created

Beyond the personal tastes that one may have, it is clear that there are several songs that are above the others and that they have to enter yes or yes in this report of perfect songs. “Free Bird”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Stairway to Heaven” … The passage of time has acted as a filter and has elevated them to the altars. Well, this is another. Pink Floyd is a group that has several candidate songs to enjoy perfection and without a doubt “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” is one of the most perfect of all. Few compositions have such a raw sensitivity, such as heartbreaking lyrics, and a universe of images and sounds like this one. This is music in capital letters. The incredible thing about it is that its evident extension passes like a sigh, savory at every minute, every second.